The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough and complete guide

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough and complete guide
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Looking for a Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough? To describe TotK as massive doesn’t quite do the BotW sequel justice. Nintendo has conjured up a game packed to the rafters with characters, quests, side quests, items, armour, weapons, and plenty more to boot. 

Diving into The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for the first time can feel a little overwhelming, so we’ve penned this walkthrough and guide hub to steer you in the right direction. Aside from an (eventually) comprehensive list of everything the game has to offer, this guide should prove useful for ticking off any parts of TotK you may have missed.

Essential guides

Here you’ll find a list of what we consider essential guides, covering the game’s most important aspects, including fast travel points, stables, the map, shrine locations, Great fairies, and tips to help you hit the ground running in the first hours of Tears of the kingdom. These are all worthwhile to get a foothold in Hyrule and to make getting around a lot easier.

Location guides

From the icy peaks of Hebra to the scorched lands of the Gerudo Desert, Tears of the Kingdom boasts a sprawling map. Here you’ll find guides to key locations in Hyrule, the Depths, and the numerous Sky Islands above.


There are over 150 Shrines dotted around Hyrule and perched up on the Sky Islands above. While they are worth doing for the dazzling puzzles Nintendo has cooked up, they also provide Light of Blessings, a key item to upgrade Link’s hearts and stamina. Though, we haven’t found them all, you’ll find guides for the most testing we’ve come across so far.

What really sets Tears of the Kingdom apart from its predecessor Breath of the Wild are Link’s new abilities. If you have any questions about what Fuse, Recall, Ascend, and Ultrahand are all about, this is where you’ll find the answers.


Tears of the Kingdom features a glut of main quests, side quests, and side adventures. Here, you’ll find dedicated guides for some of the most challenging ones in the game.

Cooking, crafting, and items

Crafting and cooking feature heavily in Tears of the Kingdom and play a crucial role in keeping Link in tip-tip shape. Alongside, the game is packed with hundreds of items that can be used in a dizzying array of inventive ways using Link’s new abilities. From cooking recipes to demystifying the gacha-style Device Dispenser, this section has you covered.

Weapons, armour, and shields

With weapon degradation making a return in Tears of the Kingdom, a firm understanding of how weapons work is crucial to coming out on top in the many battles you’ll wage during your time in Hyrule. Here we cover the best weapons and armour, what you need to track down specific pieces of clothing, or what’s needed to extend your inventory slots.

How tos

Here, you’ll find a long list of basic how tos covering numerous aspects of Tears of the Kingdom that don’t fall neatly into any of the other categories in our walkthrough hub. We cover everything from basic mechanics like parrying and dodging to how to cure Gloom and how to get a horse in TotK.

Bosses and enemies

Hyrule is rife with enemies from Bokoblins to deceiving Yiga along with plenty of bosses to test your combat skills. You’ll find boss guides along with specific guides to taking on some of Hyrule’s more challenging foes.

The above covers a good chunk of everything Tears of the Kingdom has to offer and should set you up nicely for a successful playthrough. We’ll be adding to this guide as we delve deeper into the game’s many mysteries, so don’t hesitate to pop back in periodically for the latest.