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How to unfuse in Tears of the Kingdom

How to unfuse in Tears of the Kingdom: Link stood in the snow shivering with a Rock Shield on his back.
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Want to know how to unfuse in Tears of the Kingdom? The Fuse ability is brand new to Link in this sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, allowing you to combine objects you find in the environment. Note that this is different to the Ultrahand ability though – Fuse combines something in your hand with an object, while Ultrahand is for two different environmental objects,

If you decide you no longer want the Fused item you’ve created when you use the Tears of the Kingdom Fuse ability to stick two items together though, how do you unfuse them? Can you remove a boulder from the end of a stick, for example? You need to be able to rectify any errors you make because the new Tears of the Kingdom abilities take some getting used to, especially when crafting.

How to unfuse in Tears of the Kingdom: The "destroy fused material" option selected over a Rock Shield.

How to unfuse weapons and shields in Tears of the Kingdom

To unfuse two items, you must speak to Pelison in Tarrey Town and pay him 20 rupees, or select the “destroy fused material” option in your inventory. This means that unfortunately, while you’re still on the Great Sky Island which is essentially one big tutorial area, you can’t unfuse weapons and still retain the material just yet. When you do make it down to Hyrule, Tarrey Town is to the east. The Rasitakiwak Shrine is the nearest fast travel location.

If you are happy to lose the fused material, you can navigate to the fused weapon or shield in your inventory menu and select the option to destroy the fused material. As you’d expect, this obliterates the material attached to the weapon, so you can’t retrieve it afterwards, but it does mean you can attach something new to it instead if it didn’t offer the attack boost you were hoping for. This is especially helpful if you haven’t lost any durability on it yet, though doesn’t work if you’re fusing items to arrows.

If you’re wondering how to detach things that you’ve combined with Ultrahand, that’s a little easier. Simply select the part you want to disconnect, then wiggle the right-stick until it comes free.

Now you know how to unfuse, make sure you read our guides to completing the three shrines on Great Sky Island: Ukuoh, In-Isa, and Gutanac. We’ve also covered how to find the third shrine in the first place, because it’s rather difficult to get to.

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