Best Tears of the Kingdom weapons

Best Tears of the Kingdom weapons
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If you’re wondering what the best Tears of the Kingdom weapons are, you’re in the right place. Breath of the Wild had seemingly endless weapons to choose from, but The Legend of Zelda TotK has made even that seem small.

Once you add in how useful the Tears of the Kingdom Fuse ability can be to making some powerful Tears of the Kingdom weapons, you won’t be struggling with those Tears of the Kingdom enemies for much longer.

Here is a list of the best Tears of the Kingdom weapons:

Tears of the Kingdom weapons: Link equipping a Soldier II Spear in his inventory.

Zonai Device weapons

One of the best early game weapons is Zonai Device weapons. You may come across a weapon with a “resonates with Zonai Devices to increase attack power” description. If you do, fuse it with any Zonai Device and you’ll receive a nice boost to attack power. Considering how plentiful Zonai Devices are, having a couple of these in the early-game will set you up very nicely for what you’ll come up against in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom weapons: Link equipping a Flux Core I Smasher in his inventory.

Flux Core weapons

Another great early-game choice is Flux Core weapons. Flux Cores are items that drop from certain bosses. They essentially look like long energy cores, and you’ll probably notice them as they can’t be picked up like other boss drops. Instead, you’ll want to choose your favourite weapon and fuse it on for a sizable damage boost. Using one with great weapon durability fused with one of these is a surefire way to get you powering through the early-game. More powerful Flux Cores grant more damage, too, so always keep an eye out for them dropping.

Gerudo Scimitar

Gerudo Scimitars aren’t particularly strong, and they’re certainly not very durable. However, they do have a very fast attack speed, and best of all, they receive extra attack power from any fused items which increase attack power. That means if you attach a Flux Core or other similar item to a Gerudo Scimitar, you’ll have a super quick and powerful weapon for bosses. They’re also fairly easy to find in the Gerudo region, so if you can build up a stock of these to use in case one breaks.

Savage Lynel Bow

The Savage Lynel Bow is the best bow in TotK, and it better be, because you have to defeat a Lynel to get it. Lynels are one of, if not the most powerful non-boss enemies in the game, and you’ll probably struggle to defeat one until you reach the late-game. If you do, though, you’ll be rewarded with a bow that fires multiple arrows in a horizontal row, making it devastating at close-range. Take this out against a boss and you should have no problem demolishing its health bar.

Zora weapons

Zora weapons can be some of the most powerful weapons in the game if used right. They have a bonus that doubles their attack power when they get wet. That means if you’re fighting in water or rain, you get an immediate 100% attack boost for free. You can also use items like Chuchu Jelly or Splash Fruits to get the weapon wet yourself. It might require a little bit of setup against bosses, but it will certainly be worth your while.

Tears of the Kingdom weapons: Link equipping a Ruby Shield in his inventory.

Ruby Shield

In the early-game, you might want to save your Rubies to sell as they fetch a pretty penny. But later on, when Rupees are less of an issue, try fusing a Ruby to one of your shields. Rubies are associated with fire in TotK, and if an enemy hits one attached to your shield, it will explode and deal a decent amount of damage, as well as damage over time. As a bonus, thanks to the shield, it doesn’t hurt Link at all. Each Ruby will give you a few explosions before being destroyed, so it’s a good choice against a pesky enemy you just can’t seem to beat.

Zonai Cannon Shield

As you progress through the game, you’ll eventually come across Zonai Cannons. Like your standard cannon, these can be used to barrage enemies from a distance. By fusing one of these to your shield, you suddenly have a defensive tool that can blow enemies up without getting near them. This is especially useful against groups of enemies as the explosion can hit multiple at once. Be careful though, as these explosions can hurt Link if you use it too close, so save it for the mid- to long-range.

What’s the most powerful fusion item in Tears of the Kingdom?

The most powerful fusion item in Tears of the Kingdom is the Silver Lynel Saber Horn. This is an item which drops from Silver-Maned Lynels. These are one of the most powerful enemies in the game, so killing one is going to be no easy task. It’s worth it, though, as fusing one of these to your weapon gives you one of the biggest attack power increases in TotK. Once you’ve reached the late-game, try taking on one of these beasts and you’ll be justly rewarded.

Can you get the Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom?

You can find the Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom. The Master Sword is typically the best weapon in every Zelda game, and it’s no different in TotK. But like in BotW, you probably won’t get the sword until relatively late in your playthrough.

That’s it for the best Tears of the Kingdom weapons on Nintendo Switch. Bear in mind that this game is more than just stats, and by playing around with Fuse you might make a weapon that works even better for you. If you need some Zonai Devices to fuse, check out our Tears of the Kingdom Device Dispenser recipes guide. And if you’ve fused the wrong item, our how to unfuse in Tears of the Kingdom guide will help you out.