Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand ability explained

Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand ability explained
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Wondering what the Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand ability is all about? Link returns from Breath of the Wild with a shiny new mechanical arm and some brand new powers, like his Ultrahand ability. This souped-up Magnesis gives Link even more freedom to interact with his surroundings in The Legend of Zelda TotK, and is a handy tool when it comes to all sorts of things.

To get yourself ready to build some Tears of the Kingdom vehicles to help you explore the many Tears of the Kingdom Sky Islands and Hyrule itself, we’ve got the lowdown on Link’s Ultrahand ability, and what you can do with it in-game.

Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand: Link using Ultrahand to attach a set of three logs together.
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What does the Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand ability do?

Ultrahand is an ability in Tears of the Kingdom which allows Link to pick up objects, as well as stick multiple objects together to create vehicles and solve environmental puzzles. In the most recent gameplay demonstration, we’re shown Ultrahand being used to pick up three logs, and stick them together to make a makeshift raft. 

Link’s new Ultrahand ability is also the main tool you will rely on when building vehicles, using it to assemble the various constituent parts. In the same gameplay demonstration, Ultrahand is used to attach two propellers to the back of the raft, creating a powered boat which Link can use to sail across water. We caught glimpses of a hot air balloon, hover raft, and car.

Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand: Link using Ultrahand to attach a propeller to a raft to make a boat.
Copyright: Nintendo

While Link can use Ultrahand to stick all sorts of objects together, it is different from his Tears of the Kingdom Fuse ability, which is used to combine materials and items to make weapons rather than objects in the overworld. Fuse applies to shields, arrows, and swords, boosting attack power, durability, and conjuring up a slew of original gear to take on foes.

The Ultrahand ability is very similar to Magnesis, an ability from BotW which lets Link pick up and move metal objects. Magnesis was often required to solve puzzles, and we expect to see some puzzles with Ultrahand at the centre. Magnesis also had some combat uses, such as hitting enemies with metal objects, which we can see making a return with Ultrahand, too.

As well as being useful, Ultrahand is going to be a blast to play around with while you make your way across the sprawling new Tears of the Kingdom map. And if you want to know more about Link’s new abilities in the Nintendo Switch title, our Tears of the Kingdom abilities explainer guide has you covered. For more in-depth details, check out our guides for Tears of the Kingdom Recall and Tears of the Kingdom Ascend, which lets you morph through ceilings and roofs.

What can Ultrahand be used for in Tears of the Kingdom?

In Tears of the Kingdom, Link’s Ultrahand ability is used primarily to construct both ground and air vehicles using items, materials, and resources found throughout Hyrule.