Tears of the Kingdom Fuse ability explained and Fuse recipes list

Tears of the Kingdom Fuse ability explained and Fuse recipes list
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It’s no overstatement to say that Link’s Tears of the Kingdom Fuse ability stole the show during Nintendo’s most recent The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom gameplay demonstration. The ability to merge, combine, and mesh weapons together along with other materials and resources opens the door to innumerable possibilities, possibly convincing even the most staunch sceptics that TotK is far more than a piece of BotW DLC.

With the Tears of the Kingdom release date just around the corner, here’s the lowdown on what the new Tears of the Kingdom Fuse ability is all about and a list of all known Fuse recipes. It’s also worth brushing up on the Tears of the Kingdom fall damage and the Tears of the Kingdom cast and voice actors list.

TotK Fuse ability

Fuse allows you to combine existing weapons, shields, materials and arrows to create new weapons with better damage stats, durability, and even new abilities. In other words, you can fuse objects to create new weapons with various effects.

Fuse is mainly used to create more powerful weapons. In the early-game, fusing monster parts like a Bokoblin Horn to a sword or spear can give it a small boost to attack power and durability. In the late-game, enemies like a Silver Lynel will provide much more powerful materials, and using them will be key to getting the most powerful gear

 It can also be used to create some weapons with interesting additional effects.  Makeshift hammers can be used to smash ore deposits, while Minecart Shields can be used to skateboard when you shield surf. 

Zonai Devices provide varied options to fuse with, and can create some incredibly powerful items if used correctly. Flame Emitters can be used to burn enemies and light fires, while a Zonai Cannon can blow up groups of enemies from a distance

While Fuse forms part of Link’s revamped ability set, some enemies are also equipped with fused weapons, so watch out for the kinds of weapons that your enemies are holding, so you don’t accidentally get caught off guard.

How to Fuse in Tears of the Kingdom

Fusing in Tears of the Kingdom is simple. First, you need to have an item on the ground to Fuse with. This can either be something you’ve found in the overworld, or something you’ve dropped yourself from your inventory. Hold L to select Fuse, and then select the item you want to fuse to. Press ZL to fuse to your shield, or ZR to fuse to your weapon. And that’s that, you now have a newly fused item.

Tears of the Kingdom Fuse recipes

Naturally, the number of possibilities for things you could fuse are almost endless, and while you’ll want to use your most powerful materials for your combat weapons, there are a bunch of useful combinations both in and out of combat, too. So here are some recipes that you will hopefully find useful while journeying across Hyrule.

  • Hammer – Any melee weapon + Boulder or Rock
  • Ice Arrow – Arrow + Ice Fruit or White Chuchu Jelly
  • Fire Arrow – Arrow + Fire Fruit or Red Chuchu Jelly
  • Shock Arrow – Arrow + Shock Fruit or Yellow Chuchu Jelly
  • Homing Arrow – Arrow + Keese Eyeball or Aerocuda Eyeball
  • Bomb Arrow – Arrow + Bomb Flower
  • Smoke Mushroom Shield – Any shield + Puffshroof
  • Wind Paddle – Any melee weapon + wooden pallet
  • Gem Shield – Any shield + Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz/Diamond
  • Skateboard – Any shield + Minecart or Zonai Cart
  • Rocket Shield – Any shield + Zonai Rocket

If you’ve accidentally fused the wrong item to your weapon or shield, we’ve got a guide on how to un-fuse in Tears of the Kingdom, so you can safely recover your accidentally fused material from a vendor in Tarrey Town.

We’ll keep the Fuse recipe list up to date as we learn more about Tears of the Kingdom. In the meantime, check out everything we know about the rejigged Tears of the Kingdom map of Hyrule and the Tears of the Kingdom Ascend ability that allows you to reach Sky Islands.