How to beat Colgera boss in Tears of the Kingdom

How to beat Colgera boss in Tears of the Kingdom
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The Tears of the Kingdom Colgera is likely the first major boss you’ll come up against in the story. You’ll need to make good use of the gusts of wind it creates to stay in the air with it in order to take it down. As the boss TotK points you towards first, it’s not too difficult, but can be a frustrating fight if you’re not prepared.

Get your Tears of the Kingdom recipes, and stock up on Tears of the Kingdom arrows, because we’re going to teach you how to beat Tears of the Kingdom Colgera.

Tears of the Kingdom Colgera boss guide

Before entering the fight, there’s some preparation you’ll want to do. First, it’s cold on the Stormwind Ark, so you need to make sure you’ve got enough cold resistance. A piece of Snowquill armour plus a meal or elixir will do the trick. Secondly, you’ll need arrows. You won’t need too many, but it’s best to be on the safe side so try and aim to have at least 50. You can buy more arrows at shops in major settlements. Finally, cook up some meals to heal yourself in case you take damage.

Tears of the Kingdom Colgera: Link gliding above Colgera and the Stormwind Ark.
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Once you interact with the altar in the middle of the Ark, a short cutscene will play where Colgera appears, beginning the fight. Colgera is a long, dragon-like monster, whose body is split into several circular sections. These sections contain ice plates which, when broken, house pink crystals. You have to destroy both the ice and the crystals with arrows in order to damage Colgera. While a couple of these crystals can be hit from above, others are covered with spikes for now, and require you to get underneath Colgera to hit.

During the fight, Colgera generates gusts of wind that allow you to repeatedly paraglide to fly up above him. Don’t worry about running out of stamina, as every time you open your paraglider, your stamina will refresh. This can be useful if you’re trying to manoeuvre yourself underneath Colgera, because you can use lots of quick glides to change your position quickly.

Tears of the Kingdom Colgera: Link in bullet-time firing arrows at Colgera.
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As you deal damage to Colgera, it will eventually start disappearing into portals. When this happens, look out below you, as Colgera can come through another portal and hit you from underneath.

If you’re above Colgera, it might start shooting the spikes from the top of its body. Avoid these, using Tulin’s boost where necessary. Once the spikes are gone, this will now reveal the crystal below so you can get some easy damage in.

After dealing enough damage, Colgera will enter its second phase. This is mostly the same as the first phase, except this time Colgera will summon some tornadoes which you’ll need to avoid. Once again, try to stay underneath Colgera and hit the crystals from underneath and you’ll be golden.

Tears of the Kingdom Colgera: Colgera generating a tornado.
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Colgera isn’t a hugely difficult fight, but it is an annoying fight. It can take a few tries to position yourself properly to hit the crystals, all while avoiding Colgera’s attacks. One solution to this is to use items like Aerocuda Wings, which, when fused with your arrows, will let them travel faster and straighter. This will let you hit Colgera more consistently and from a farther distance. Aside from that, just keep getting in those positions and shooting those arrows and eventually you’ll take it down.

Once that happens, grab the Heart Container in front of you to get an extra heart, then walk forward and interact with the altar to watch a cutscene and complete the Wind Temple. With Colgera gone, the blizzard it created is gone too, making the Hebra region far easier to traverse now.

Tears of the Kingdom Colgera: Link receives a Heart Container.
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That’s what you need to know to take down Tears of the Kingdom Colgera. If you want to prepare for what else is to come, we’ve got a Tears of the Kingdom bosses list. And while you’re up in the sky, check out our guide to Tears of the Kingdom Star Fragments to find out why you should be collecting them.