How to get Yiga armor in Tears of the Kingdom

How to get Yiga armor in Tears of the Kingdom
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Want to know how to get Yiga armor Tears of the Kingdom? Then you’re in the right place. With Tears of the Kingdom now out, there’s a metric ton of things to discover and learn as you venture around Hyrule. Just like the 2017 Nintendo Switch sensation The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the rest of Zelda series for that matter, armor plays a vital role and there a numerous armor types to collect.

Here, we’ll go through how to get it, as well as hints and tips to make the most out of it. Remember, the armor is essential when it comes to combat, but you’re also going to want to know how to parry in Tears of the Kingdom. You may also want to check out how to shield surf in Tears of the Kingdom if you’re looking to get out danger quickly in TOTK. Let’s kick off.

How to get Yiga armor in Tears of the Kingdom

Yiga armor was created by the dangerous Yiga clan, a group of assassins and thieves that roam around the kingdom. The Yiga set is comprised of three pieces – a mask, armor and tights. We go through each location below.

The Clan consists of a mix of Footsoldiers and Blademasters and Link will be able to swipe their weaponry and armour if he bumps into them during his adventure. That’s providing he can beat them.

The Yiga clan sometimes will disguise themselves in an attempt to surprise Link, so you’re going to need to be careful as you explore Hyrule. The good news is that if you get the full Yiga armor set, you’ll be disguised and can sneak into their hideout

Yiga armor location in Tears of the Kingdom

During your hunt for the Travel Medallion, which is one of the upgrades for Link’s Purah Pad, Robbie is going to send you to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. The lab is located in the northeast of the map a little trek from the East Akkala Stable.

You’ll come across a few enemies which need to be dealt with, before heading inside the lab. You’ll find Konba there who’ll reward you with the Yiga armor. Your map will update with a number of locations, which will reveal the remaining two pieces to complete the armor and the Yiga clan hideout.

Yiga mask location in Tears of the Kingdom

The armor alone will not be enough to fool Yiga Clan assassins. For that, you’ll need a mask. The Yiga Mask can be found near tat the marker near Lake Hylia.

Yiga tights location in Tears of the Kingdom

The Yiga tights, the final part of the full Yiga armor can be found at the marker just north of central Hyrule. Once you have all pieces, you’re able to sneak into the Yiga hideout. If you attempt to head to the base without the full Yiga armor, then the Yiga footsoldiers will attack you on sight.

If you do manage to make it inside, you’ll find a few interesting shops. There’s also a fun mini-game, where you have to beat as many Yiga soldiers as possible in one minute. Here are the rewards up for grabs:

  • 3 Yiga defeated in one minute = Yiga Clan Fabric paraglider design
  • 6 Yiga defeated in one minute = Earthquake Technique unlocked
  • 9 Yiga defeated in one minute= lightning-resistant helm

That’s everything you need to know about Yiga armor in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Make sure you read our Tears of the Kingdom bosses list as well as all recipes in Tears of the Kingdom so you’re fully prepared for what to expect in the latest game.