Tears of the Kingdom Lynel locations

Tears of the Kingdom Lynel locations
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A Tears of the Kingdom Lynel is potentially the most threatening non-boss enemy you’ll come across in your journeys through Hyrule. Any of their attacks can easily one-hit you, but if you can manage to take one down, you’ll get some of the best weapons and fuse materials in TotK.

Grab your best Tears of the Kingdom weapons and head to one of the Tears of the Kingdom Great Fairy locations to upgrade your gear, because we’re taking you Tears of the Kingdom Lynel hunting.

What is a Lynel in Tears of the Kingdom?

Lynels are large, centaur-like monsters you’ll find across Hyrule. They wield powerful equipment, and use a variety of attacks, each of which deals a huge amount of damage. They come in four forms. From weakest to strongest, these are:

  • Red Lynel
  • Blue Lynel
  • White Lynel
  • Silver Lynel

Where can you find a Lynel in Tears of the Kingdom?

Lynels are found in multiple locations on Hyrule’s surface, as well as in the depths. Here is a list of all the Lynel locations we know about:

Red Lynel locations

Tears of the Kingdom lynel: The location of every White Lynel in Hyrule.
  1. Upland Lindor, directly northwest of the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower
  2. East of Tama Pond in the Hebra Mountains
  3. North of Lake Illumeni at the southern end of Tanagar Canyon
  4. North Akkala, directly west of the East Akkala Stable
  5. West Hyrule Plains, south of the New Serenne Stable and the Sinakawak Shrine

Blue Lynel locations

Tears of the Kingdom lynel: The location of every Blue Lynel in Hyrule.
  1. Near Hebra West Summit, south of the Tauyosipun Shrine
  2. In Harfin Valley, to the south of Lake Hylia
  3. Stalry Plateau, southeast of the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower
  4. Northwest of Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower
  5. In the Millennio Sandbar of the Lanayru Wetlands, just south of Kincean Island
  6. In the Nautelle Wetlands, in the far southwest of the Faron region
  7. In the Rabia Plain to the northeast of Kakariko Village
  8. Lanayru Heights, just north of the Lanayru Promenade

White Lynel locations

Tears of the Kingdom lynel: The location of every White Lynel in Hyrule.
  1. Risoka Snowfields in the Gerudo Highlands, south of the Otutsum Shrine
  2. Kamah Plateau in the Necluda region, north of Lakeside Stable and the Joju-u-u Shrine
  3. Ukuku Plains in southern Akkala, south of the Rasitakiwak Shrine
  4. In the Depths below Hyrule Castle, north of the Sinonoyk Lightroot
  5. In the Depths below the Highland Stable, near the Nikohsi Lightroot

Silver Lynel locations

Tears of the Kingdom lynel: Link fighting a silver-maned lynel in the Depths.

There is only one location where you can find a silver-maned Lynel in Tears of the Kingdom. This is in the Depths near the Ui-ihcoj Lightroot underneath Akkala. Teleport here, and head directly south, and the Lynel will be walking around a large, open plain.

While there is only one silver-maned Lynel at the start of the game, as you progress further, enemies will begin to level up with you. This means that locations that previously hosted a white-maned Lynel, may have silver-maned Lynels instead, with red- and blue-maned Lynels being upgraded, too.

Lynel gauntlet

In the depths underneath the Abandoned Coliseum, you’ll find the Floating Coliseum. Here you can take on a gauntlet of five Lynels, each of which deals gloom damage in addition to their regular damage. After defeating all five Lynels, you will receive a chest containing Majora’s Mask.

How do you kill a Lynel?

The easiest ways to kill a Lynel are through a combination of hitting it in the head with arrows to stun it, and dodging its attacks to use a flurry rush. Lynels deal huge amounts of damage and have plenty of HP, but if you’re prepared, you should be able to take one down.

The easiest way to beat a Lynel requires you to shoot one in the head with an arrow. Headshots will stun the Lynel, letting you hit it or even climb on its back to deal some damage. The most effective way to damage one, if you can pull it off, is with a flurry rush. Target a Lynel, and then by dodging just before one of its attacks hits you, you can perform a flurry rush. Make sure you have a shield to block damage in case you mistime your dodge.

What do Lynels drop?

A Lynel will drop its weapons and some powerful monster parts when killed. It will drop a powerful Lynel Shield, and a Lynel Bow, which shoots three arrows at once. As for monster parts, they drop Lynel Guts, a Lynel Hoof, and one each of a Lynel Saber Horn and Lynel Mace Horn.

While the Lynel Guts and Hoof are good items to use in elixirs, and are used for some armour upgrades, the two Horns are the items you want to look out for. These are hugely powerful fusing materials. A Saber Horn from a basic Red Lynel has 22 Fuse Attack Power, while the most powerful Silver Lynel drops a Horn with 55 Fuse Attack Power.

That’s all the locations of Tears of the Kingdom Lynels we know about so far. If you’re looking for easier access to some of these, check out our Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Tower guide. And if you’re heading to Akkala, you should stop by Tears of the Kingdom Tarrey Town and get yourself a new house.