Is Tears of the Kingdom Multiplayer?

Is Tears of the Kingdom Multiplayer?
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Is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Multiplayer? TotK is the long-awaited follow-up to Breath of the Wild, released on Nintendo Switch in 2017. The performance of the first installment, which had received widespread praise upon its debut, has made fans increasingly excited for the possibility of multiplayer co-op in the sequel.

With its launch date having passed players are now asking a variety of questions in preparation for possible expansions. One particular aspect that devoted followers are particularly curious about is if the game will ever feature a multiplayer aspect. Here’s all that we know. For more on TotK, head to our Is Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Coop? and Is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom a DLC? explainer guides.

Will Zelda Tears of the Kingdom have multiplayer mode?

Unfortunately, Tears of the Kingdom does not have a multiplayer mode and is a purely single player game. Similar to previous Zelda releases, the latest entry in Nintendo’s storied franchise is a solo endeavor as you once again control Link in the never-ending battle against Ganon.

This burning inquiry regarding TotK’s possible multiplayer mode may have been caused in part by a Reddit post. The thread in question features an image displaying a booklet page of Tears of the Kingdom, showing that it will have Nintendo Switch Online functionality enabled.

Naturally, the inclusion of this specific feature on the page prompted the community to start asking questions. However, most users speculated that its incorporation most likely just means that cloud saving will be activated throughout the adventure. And, since its release, this has been confirmed.

While the rumours were exciting, it’s not very typical of Zelda games to have online functionality. The Legend of Zelda series is about traversing dungeons with swords, and while sandbox mayhem may have been implemented, alongside vehicles in Tears of the Kingdom, these enhancements are not enough to make the game a multiplayer game. 

Other responses, on the other hand, theorised that a feature similar to Tingle Bottles in Wind Waker HD would have been included in TotK. For those that are unfamiliar, Tingle Bottles essentially allowed users to send message and screenshots to other random players through the Miiverse, much like messages in the SoulsBorne games. However, this has been debunked.

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