Ford James – Editor

Ford James is the editor at VideoGamer, overseeing everything published on the site. He has previously worked at PCGamesN, GGRecon, and GamesRadar+, and loves The Witcher, Fallout, Pokemon, and wasting thousands of hours in Football Manager.

Ben Borthwick – News Editor

Ben Borthwick is the news editor at VideoGamer. After spending 10+ years in the freelance wilds, he found a permanent home tending the news meadows here at VideoGamer. When he’s not hunting for juicy stories, you’ll find him wishfully dreaming of new Monkey Island, Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, and XCOM games.

Tom Bardwell – Guides Editor

Tom Bardwell is the guides editor at VideoGamer. He’ll play anything and everything you put in front of him, but he has a special interest in souls-likes, metroidvanias, and city builders.