How to get rupees in Tears of the Kingdom

How to get rupees in Tears of the Kingdom
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Wondering how to get rupees in Tears of the Kingdom? Hyrule is peppered with merchants more than happy to sell Link armor, ingredients, and materials, but you’ll need a decent stack of rupees in The Legend of Zelda TotK if want to do anything more than window shop, especially as the game progresses.

We’ll walk you through how to get rupees in Tears of the Kingdom so you’ll never be low on cash in your travels and can amass a tidy fortune. To help out, you’ll want to take a look at Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Tower locations and the Tears of the Kingdom Stable locations, as you’ll be needing to travel about in Tears of the Kingdom to find the most rupees. You may also want to know how to farm rupees in Tears of the Kingdom on Nintendo Switch, which is a hack we go through in our handy guide.

How to get rupees in Tears of the Kingdom: Link fighting Constructs.
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How to make money in Tears of the Kingdom

Here are the best ways to get rupees in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, if you’re not wanting to exploit a Tears of the Kingdom rupee farm method.

Hunt and cook

Hunting animals for Prime and Gourmet Meats, cooking them, then selling them ensures a steady flow of rupees. Prioritize the animals found in Hebra, notably the Tabantha Moose and Grizzlemaw Bear. When hunting aim for headshots to ensure a one-shot kill. Amass as much meat as you can then cook up five Prime or Gourmet cuts of meat to makes Meat Skewers. You can now sell these at any merchant for 135 and 315 a piece, respectively.

Sell surplus weapons, gear, ingredients, and materials

When out exploring Hyrule, you’ll pick up a huge range of items and gear. Not all of them are useful, so we recommend selling any excess that you simply won’t use at vendors in exchange for rupees. You can also focus on taking on enemy camps and mini-bosses. Enemy camps and mini-bosses are great because they’ll always be a permanent way of earning revenue, with them respawning after every Tears of the Kingdom blood moon.

Eventide Island mini-game

Nestled in the southeastern corner of Faron is a small island controlled by pirates. Wiping them out unlocks a mini-game where you have to steer Zonai wings into a target in the sea. The closer to the center, the more rupees you’ll earn, up to 300 rupees a go if you’ve got decent aim. Note that playing the game costs 20 rupees, so make sure you have some money spare beforehand. To swing the odds in your favour, you can use Recall as you approach the target to make micro adjustments and stop the wings forward momentum for a perfect landing.

Mine for gems and sell them

There are numerous caves dotted around Hyrule that contain a wealth of ores, gems, diamonds, and minerals that you can sell at merchants. These include Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, and Amber. To maximize your returns, you’ll want to head for Goron City and sell them to Ramella for a hefty markup.

Hunt Blupees

Outside most caves are glowing Blupees flitting about. Though skittish, they’ll drop several rupees every time Link lands a hit. It’s a case of rinse and repeat here, but given enough time, you can collect a tidy sum from Blupees in TotK.

Complete main and side quests

In keeping with what we’ve come to expect from most games, pushing the main story forward and ticking off the many side quests in TotK will earn you rupees. Take your pick here, but the gist is that simply playing generally results in a growing stack of rupees given enough time.

What can you buy with rupees in Tears of the Kingdom? 

Just like in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, using rupees will reward you with useful items, and other benefits, such as helping to upgrade equipment, buying resources such as arrows or cooking ingredients, and sleeping at inns to restore Link’s health. Some upgrades can be especially costly, so it’s worth keeping a high rupee count as often as possible. 

We’ll update this guide if we come across any more efficient way to get rupees in Tears of the Kingdom. To help you, we recommend brushing up on the best Tears of the Kingdom weapons, the best Tears of the Kingdom armor, and our Tears of the Kingdom recipes list. You may also want to check out our Tears of the Kingdom Star Fragments explainer – how to catch a shooting star.