All 15 Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Tower locations

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Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Tower locations and how to activate them

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Tower locations

Want to know how to activate towers in Tears of the Kingdom? Well, you have come to the right place. Here, you’ll find out everything you need to know about activating towers in the follow-up to the sensational Breath of the Wild.

Once you drop into Hyrule, you’re free to explore the vast game world. You’ll soon come across huge Skyview towers, which don’t look like they can be activated. Don’t waste your time trying to activate them immediately, there’s a few things you’ll need to do first. Let’s dive in.

How to activate towers in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Activating towers allows you to unlock a portion of the map and can be used as a fast travel point via Link’s Purah Pad. You can check out our detailed how to fast travel in Tears of the Kingdom guide if you’re wanting a more detailed look into the fast travel mechanic.

To activate these towers, you’re going to have to start playing through the main story. Eventually Purah will give you the paraglider and want you to go test a Skyview tower. This is a main quest, so you’ll probably get it done soon anyway. You can check out more detail about how to get the paraglider in Tears of The Kingdom in our dedicated guide.

Simply make your way over there, interact with the tower by clicking ‘Examine’ and you’ll receive a batch of map data that’ll be uploaded on to your Purah Pad. 

At this point, you can then go and explore the world and activate all of the towers – which will unlock more and more of the map. Be warned, though, each tower will have its own challenges and puzzles you’ll need to solve to unlock them. Some of them also have enemy camps nearby, so make sure you check out how to save in Tears of the Kingdom, along with our how to parry in Tears of the Kingdom guide.

Once you’re in, you can use the tower to launch yourself into the sky, and then glide to descend on to one of the many Hyrule sky islands or simply travel long distances.

While many of the towers simply require you to walk in the entrance and activate the terminal, others have quests and puzzles to solve, such as entering through a nearby cave, killing a flying monster with an arrow, clearing some thorns, or helping a repairman.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Tower locations

Now that you’ve got the ability to activate Skyview Towers, you’re going to want to know where to find them. There are 15 Skyview Towers which can be activated in Tears of the Kingdom and each one poses a unique challenge to unlock them.

The most Skyview towers can be found in the Hyrule region, which has four of them. The regions with the least Skyview towers are Eldin and Akkala, which both have one Skyview tower.


  • Lookout Landing Skyview tower – the first tower you unlock, which teaches you the activate mechanic
  • Hyrule Field Skyview tower
  • Lindor’s Brow Skyview tower
  • Thyphlo Ruins Skyview tower


  • Rospro Pass Skyview tower
  • Pikida Stonegrove Skyview tower


  • Gerudo Highlands Skyview tower
  • Gerudo Canyon Skyview tower


  • Eldin Canyon Skyview tower


  • Ulri Mountain Skyview tower


  • Upland Zorana Skyview tower
  • Mount Lanayru Skyview tower


  • Sahasra Slope Skyview tower
  • Popla Foothills Skyview tower
  • Rabella Wetlands Skyview tower

That’s it for the Tears of the Kingdom Skyview tower locations. Make sure to check out our full Tears of the Kingdom guides for help, hints and tips about the game.

Tears of the Kingdom Skyview towers FAQ

How do you reveal the map in Tears of the Kingdom?

All you need to do is visit the Skyview towers and activate them. This will download data on to your Purah Pad.

Is the map the same in Tears of the Kingdom?

Yes. However, it has been expanded to the skies and below ground, which makes it seem far larger.

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