Tears of the Kingdom best armour

Tears of the Kingdom best armour
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If you’re looking for the best Tears of the Kingdom armour, you’re in the right place. When you start the game, Link’s armour collection is pretty barebones, so you’ll want to get some of the armour sets available in TotK to rectify that.

Whether you’re looking for help fighting Tears of the Kingdom enemies or curing Tears of the Kingdom gloom, these Tears of the Kingdom armour sets will certainly come in handy.

Here is a list of the best Tears of the Kingdom armour:

Barbarian Armour set

The Barbarian Armour set was one of the best in Breath of the Wild, and things haven’t changed in TotK. Each piece of the Barbarian Armour will give Link a boost to his attack. If you wear the full set, however, you get an even higher boost to your attack. This means you’ll do much more damage overall if you’ve got the full set.

Depths Armour set

Head down into the Depths and in no time you’ll be confronted with the sludgy mass that is gloom. Spending too long in gloom and you’ll lose some health that can’t be healed until you either find a Lightroot or return to the surface. Each piece of Depths Armour gives you a ‘free’ heart, which will be corrupted first, leaving your actual health safe and sound. Great for exploring areas with lots of gloom, or fighting any gloom inflicting enemies such as Gloom Hands.

Miner’s Armour set

If you’ve ventured into the Depths yet, you’ll know just how annoying, and even dangerous, the gloom can be. You won’t always have light available, which is why you should get hold of the Miner’s Armour set. The armour is covered with lights, and will glow in the dark, helping light your way in the dark of the Depths, making getting around so much easier.

Froggy Armour set

The bane of every BotW player was rain. It made cliffs and walls slippery, making climbing them a chore. TotK has solved this problem with the Froggy set. By wearing all the items in the Froggy set, Link is no longer affected by rain, and can climb to his heart’s content. This is a huge quality of life upgrade, and you’ll want to get your hands on it so you can climb no matter what the weather is.

Glide Armour set

With exploring the sky being such a major part of Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll spend a lot of time gliding from island to island. The Glide Armour set helps out here by giving you more control in the air, making it easier to manoeuvre Link around while he’s falling. You’ll also sometimes come across little time trials requiring you to skydive through checkpoints in a certain time, and having this set makes them a breeze.

Yiga Armour set

You might sometimes find yourself faced with too many enemies to handle, and want to just sneak past them. That’s where the Tears of the Kingdom Yiga Armour set comes in. The Yiga set gives you a big boost to stealth, making it easier for you to sneak past any enemies you don’t want to fight. Additionally, if you’re wanting to infiltrate the Yiga clan’s hideout, you’ll want to have the Yiga set equipped so that you can sneak in undetected. A must-have for anyone who prefers a sneakier playstyle.

Zonaite Armour set

One of TotK’s biggest additions is Zonai Devices that can be used for mobility, combat, and even cooking. Using a lot of these Zonai Devices requires you to use energy, and once the energy runs out, you have to wait for it to recharge. The Zonaite Armour set helps out with this by increasing your energy. This means that any Zonai Devices you use will run for longer, letting you drive, sail, and fly further than you could before.

Those are all the best Tears of the Kingdom armour sets. If you want to know where you can upgrade your armour, our Tears of the Kingdom Great Fairy locations guide will help out. And if you want to know what the best Tears of the Kingdom weapons are, we have a guide for that too.