Tears of the Kingdom Ukouh Shrine Guide

Tears of the Kingdom Ukouh Shrine Guide
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The Tears of the Kingdom Ukuoh Shrine is one of the Shrines on the Great Sky Island above Hyrule you’ll need to finish to earn a brand new ability for Link. In this case it’ll be Ultrahand, which lets you manipulate objects to create your own contraptions, something you’ll be doing a lot of in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The Ukouh Shrine location is west of the Temple of Time, coordinates 0266, -0916, 1459.

We have you covered with a full breakdown of the Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand ability if you’re looking for more tips, so that you can build what you need to fully explore the Tears of the Kingdom Sky Islands

Tears of the Kingdom Ukouh Shrine walkthrough and solution

To start, simply grab the first stone slab by hitting the L button and A, and from there use either the right stick or gyro aiming to position it horizontally across the first gap. Once lined up, let go and Link should be able to run across it. 

For the next step, move the two stone slabs with Ultrahand until they’re flat on the floor. You can do more precise rotations by holding the R button and pressing the directional buttons in the direction you want the object to go in. One they’re both facing each other horizontally, hit the A button to stick them together. That should turn the two individual slabs into one long slab that you can lay down over the second gap to cross it. 

Lastly, you’ll need to cross a large pit. Next to the rail there will be a wood platform and a hook. Again, you’ll want to use Ultrahand to lay the wooden board flat on the ground to start. From there, grab one of the hooks and attach it near the center of the wooden board. It might take a bit of rotating, but you’ll want the hook to be attached straight so that it’s stable. Once you’ve attached the pieces, simply move the hook onto the rail and quickly jump onto the platform. If done correctly, you’ll be able to ride it down to the end of the Shrine and exit with a new ability and a Light of Blessing you can put towards updating your hearts with a heart container. 

Tears of the Kingdom Ukouh Shrine: Link using Ultrahand to attach a platform to a rail.
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Where is the Ukouh Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Ukouh Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom is located west of the Temple of Time, coordinates 0266, -0916, 1459.