How to leave the Depths in Tears of the Kingdom

How to leave the Depths in Tears of the Kingdom
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Not sure how to leave the Depths in Tears of the Kingdom? You’ll head down to the Depths fairly early on in this sequel to Breath of the Wild, thanks to the quest called Camera Work in the Depths. But when you’re down there, how do you get out to continue your The Legend of Zelda TotK adventure?

You can’t enter the depths until you have the paraglider from Purah in Lookout Landing as part of the batch of early game main quests including those handed out by Robbie, because you’ll hurtle towards the ground and die instantly. However, when you can get down there, getting out is the next problem, because you can’t exactly climb back to the main Tears of the Kingdom map since it’s so far. Here’s how you leave the depths in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How to leave the Depths in Tears of the Kingdom: The map screen with the lookout Landing Skyview Tower fast travel location selected.

How to get out of the Depths in Tears of the Kingdom

The only way to leave the Depths is to fast travel to a shrine, either on the Hyrule map or one of the Sky Islands. If you’re unsure how to fast travel, we can help with that, but it does mean that if you’ve somehow managed to get down to the Depths without having unlocked fast travel via one of the many chasm entrances… you’re a bit stuck. You should still be able to fast travel back to the Cave of Awakening on the Great Sky Island though, which is where you awoke after the prologue in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

It is technically possible to use Ascend in order to leave the Depths in a few specific places, but those spots are difficult to find and shouldn’t be relied upon. This is because you must find either a pit on the surface low enough for the ability to work, or a hill high enough in the Depths. If you’re looking for a quick escape, fast travelling is the much better option. 

When exploring the Depths too, make sure you’re throwing Brightbloom Seeds down, or firing them into the distance with arrows, in order to light the way. This new area is full of secrets, gloom, and bosses to fight, so you don’t want to explore without knowing exactly where you’re doing. Unlocking a stamina upgrade or two is also smart so you can run away from trouble, should it find you. You’ll also want to track down all the Tears of the Kingdom Lightroot locations to light up the darkness.

Now you know how to leave the Depths, make sure you’re up to speed with where to find all the Tears of the Kingdom shrines and how to complete them. We’ve also got all of the Skyview Tower locations too, so you can reveal the map on the latest Zelda Nintendo Switch entry.