Tears of the Kingdom Hinox locations

Tears of the Kingdom Hinox locations
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Looking for some Tears of the Kingdom Hinox locations? While a giant cyclops like a Hinox might seem a formidable opponent upon first glance, if you know what you’re doing, these monsters come down quickly and reward you with some pretty nice drops.

If you’re hunting them down, you’re probably after some armour upgrades, so make sure you’re familiar with all of the Tears of the Kingdom Great Fairy locations. And if you’re going hunting in the depths, our Tears of the Kingdom Lightroots location guide will help light up the way as you search for every Tears of the Kingdom Hinox location.

Hinox locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Hinoxes can be found all across Hyrule, both on the surface and in the Depths. As if that wasn’t enough, you can find a skeletal version of these beasts at night and in the Depths known as a Stalnox. We’ve compiled a list of the location of every Hinox and Stalnox in the game to help make your hunting much more efficient.

Be aware that as you progress through the game, the difficulty of the enemies you face increases. This means that while we may have listed a regular Hinox in a particular location, depending on your progress it could be blue or even black in your game. While this poses a greater challenge, you’ll also get higher-quality drops, so it’s a double-edged sword.

Tears of the Kingdom Hinox locations: The location of every Hinox and Stalnox on Hyrule's surface.

Here is a list of every Hinox on Hyrule’s surface:

NumberHinox TypeRegionLocation
1.HinoxHyrule FieldNorthwest of Lookout Landing, sleeping on Carok Bridge
2.HinoxWest NecludaNorthwest of the Dueling Peaks, just north of Batrea Lake
3.HinoxHyrule RidgeNorthwest of Hyrule Castle, and southeast of Irch Plain
4.HinoxHyrule RidgeIn Lufdo’s Bog, just south of Thundra Plateau
5.HinoxHyrule RidgeNorth of Hyrule Ridge Chasm, on the southern edge of Tanagar Canyon
6.HinoxHyrule RidgeRowan Plain, just south of the northern end of Tanagar Canyon
7.HinoxHebra MountainsHebra Headspring, at the top of Hebra falls, directly south of Hebra Peak
8.HinoxGreat Hyrule ForestWest of the Great Hyrule Forest, directly north of the Elma Knolls Chasm
9.Hinox (Part of WANTED: Hinox quest)Eldin CanyonTrilby Plain, southeast of the Woodland Stable
10.HinoxWest NecludaWest of Lake Siela and southeast of the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower
11.HinoxWest NecludaBlatchery Plain, directly east of the Dueling Peaks Stable
12.HinoxCentral HyruleSouth of the Satori Mountain peak and directly east of Rutile Lake
13.HinoxGerudo HighlandsMeadela’s Mantle, west of the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower
14.Blue HinoxHebra MountainsAt the very north of the map, just north of Hebra North Crest
15.Blue HinoxWest NeculdaJust south of the southern peak of Dueling Peaks, and north of Tobio’s Hollow Chasm
16.Blue HinoxAkkala HighlandsEast of Ulria Grotto, and west of Knuckel Island
17.Blue HinoxZora’s DomainOn top of Ruto Precipice, directly south of Zora’s Domain
18.Blue HinoxEast NecludaNorthwest of Loshlo Harbor, in-between Ebon Mountain and Stinger Cliffs
19.Blue HinoxFaron GrasslandsGrinnden Plains, just southwest of Lake Hylia
20.Blue HinoxCentral HyruleDalite Forest, west of Manhalla Bridge and the Coliseum Ruins
21.Black HinoxEldin MountainsNortheast of the Thyphlo Ruins and southeast of the East Deplian Badlands
22.Black HinoxDeep AkkalaNorth Akkala Beach Cave, underneath the Lomei Labyrinth
23.Black HinoxAkkala HighlandsOn a plateau at the beginning of the Rist Peninsula
24.Black HinoxWest NecludaThe Jia Highlands directly east of Tobio’s Hollow Chasm
25.Black HinoxWest NecludaAlong the Dracozu River, just east of Harker Lake
26.Black HinoxWest NecludaAris Beach, on the coast directly south of the Lakeside Stable and Lake Floria
27.StalnoxTabantha FrontierSouthwest of Rito Village
28.StalnoxHyrule RidgeOn the plateau northwest of Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower
29.StalnoxDeath MountainNorth of Death Moutnain West Site and between Lake Darman and the Lizard Lakes
30.StalnoxDeep AkkalaSoutheast of Skull Lake
31.StalnoxHyrule FieldHyrule Castle Town Ruins to the west of the Central Square
32.StalnoxHyrule FieldGiant’s Forest in the west of Hyrule Field, west of the Passeri Greenbelt
33.StalnoxLanayru WetlandsOn Zauz Island in the Lanayru Wetlands
34.StalnoxWest NecludaWest of the Dueling Peaks, and northeast of the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower
35.StalnoxWest NecludaPhalian Heights, southeast of the East Hill Chasm and Kakariko Village
36.StalnoxEast NecludaHanu Pond, east of the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower
37.The Youngest Hinox Brother (Part of Ousting the Giants quest)West NecludaJust east of Riola Spring, at the top of Floria Falls
38.The Middle Hinox Brother (Part of Ousting the Giants quest)West NecludaJust west of Riola Spring, and east of Keelay Plain
39.The Eldest Hinox Brother (Part of Ousting the Giants quest)West NecludaNorth of Calora Lake, and southeast of the Youngest Hinox Brother
Tears of the Kingdom Hinox locations: The locations of every Hinox and Stalnox in the Depths.

Here is a list of every Hinox in the Depths:

NumberHinox TypeRegionLocation
1.HinoxCentral Hyrule DepthsSoutheast of the Mount Daphnes Well Chasm, and south of the Daphnes Canyon Mine
2.HinoxCentral Hyrule DepthsSoutheast of the Netinet Lightroot 
3.HinoxGreat Plateau DepthsOn top of a cliff just southwest of the Hylia Canyon Mine
4.HinoxWest Necluda DepthsWest of the Secluded Coliseum and north of Bubinga Grove
5.Hinox (Gloom)Central Hyrule DepthsSoutheast of Applean Grove and directly south of the Oyimay Lightroot
6.Blue HinoxGerudo Desert DepthsDirectly north of the Desert Coliseum
7.Blue HinoxHyrule Ridge DepthsDirectly north of the Hyrule Ridge Chasm
8.Blue HinoxWest Necluda DepthsDirectly south of the Sijotu Lightroot
9.Blue HinoxWest Necluda DepthsSouth of the Sijotu Lightroot, just southwest of the previous Blue Hinox
10.Blue HinoxWest Necluda DepthsWest of the Floria Canyon Mine
11.Black HinoxAkkala DepthsAt the entrance of the path to the Rist Mine, east of the Abandoned Tarrey Mine
12.Black HinoxGerudo Highlands DepthsNorthwest of the Birida Lookout Chasm and south of the Gerudo Canyon Mine
13.Black HinoxWest Necluda DepthsWest of the Abandoned Kakariko Mine and southwest of the Arusakam Lightroot
14.Black HinoxWest Necluda DepthsAt the very south of the Necluda Depths, southeast of the U-u-joju Lightroot
15.StalnoxDeath Mountain DepthsSouth of the Scorching Coliseum, northeast of the Misisi Lightroot
16.StalnoxCentral Hyrule DepthsSouthwest of the Gustaf Canyon Mine
17.StalnoxCentral Hyrule DepthsGIant’s Grove, southwest of the Gustaf Canyon Mine and the previous Stalnox
18.StalnoxGerudo Desert DepthsNortheast of the Gerudo Underground Cemetery and the Gataharak Lightroot
Tears of the Kingdom Hinox locations: Link aiming an arrow at a Hinox's eye.

How do you defeat a Hinox?

There is a very simply strategy to take down a Hinox. If you shoot an arrow at its eye, it will knock the Hinox off its feet, giving you time to deal damage to it. Simply repeat this until the Hinox is dead. Sometimes, Hinoxes can have armour around their legs, and even block their eyes from your arrows. In these instances, using Fused materials such as bomb or shock arrows can make up for this, dealing big damage and giving you the chance to hit their eye again.

What do Hinoxes drop?

As well as potentially dropping a variety of weapons and food, Hinoxes have four main drops specific to them. These are the Hinox Guts, Hinox Horn, Hinot Toenail, and Hinox Tooth. Each of these is a powerful ingredient in Tears of the Kingdom elixir recipes in their own right and can be used to make some strong elixirs with long durations.

More importantly, they are also used as materials to upgrade the Fierce Deity armour set. This is one of the most powerful armour sets in the game, with each piece providing a +3 Attack Up buff, and the set as a whole providing a Charge Attack Stamina increase. As such, Hinox parts will be hugely sought after when it comes to the late game to make sure you’re upgrading this set to its full potential.

Hinox Guts specifically are also required for the first tier of upgrades for the Ancient Hero’s armour set. This is a late-game set only obtained by completing all of the Tears of the Kingdom Shrines, so most players probably won’t end up getting this set.

That’s it for our Tears of the Kingdom Hinox locations guide. If you’re looking to fill up your wardrobe, check out our Tears of the Kingdom outfits guide. And if you’re done hunting Hinoxes and want to move on to new enemies, our Tears of the Kingdom lynel locations guide is the perfect place to start.