Tears of the Kingdom To The Ruins quest guide

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Struggling with the Tears of the Kingdom To The Ruins quest? There’s plenty of quests in Gerudo Town that will send you out into the Gerudo Desert to investigate riddles and mysteries, so it’s not always completely obvious what to do or where to go.

Before you head out to the desert, make sure you’ve cooked up some Heat Resistance Tears of the Kingdom elixir recipes to try and beat the heat. And while you’re out there, tick off any Tears of the Kingdom Shrines you’re missing with our handy locations guide. With that sorted, it’s time to tackle the Tears of the Kingdom To The Ruins quest.

Tears of the Kingdom To The Ruins quest walkthrough

This quest will see you head outside of Gerudo Town into the Gerudo Desert, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve got some kind of heat resistance. The quest isn’t too long, so you will be able to get by with an elixir, but for a more permanent solution, you can buy some heat resistance armour from the Tears of the Kingdom Gerudo Secret Club.

Tears of the Kingdom To The Ruins: Link listening to two Gerudo women talk. Pokki says: "I know for sure that it;s in the eastern part of the desert though. And like I said, the huge statues face each other.

To start the quest, head to the northeastern corner of Gerudo Town, where you’ll find a Sand Seal rental shop. Two Gerudo women will be having a conversation. Listen to their conversation to find out about a series of statues out in the desert that one of the women, Pokki, wants to visit. Once they’re finished talking, Pokki will walk away, and you can go and talk to her again.

Tears of the Kingdom To The Ruins: Link and a Gerudo woman riding a sledge pulled by a Sand Seal.

She’ll say that she would be able to get to the statues if someone were able to take her using a Sledge Seal. This is a type of Sand Seal you can rent which has a sledge on the back to carry people and objects. Head back to the shop and rent one of these seals for 50 rupees. Return to Pokki and offer to take her to the statues. She will then get on board the sledge, ready for you to head off.

Tears of the Kingdom To The Ruins: The location of the statues in the Gerudo Desert.

The statues aren’t very far away, and you’ll be able to get there pretty fast with a Sand Seal. Head northeast from the east gate of Gerudo Town. You may come across groups of enemies or sinkholes in the desert, so keep an eye out for these and steer around them if you can. Once you reach the statues, ride your sand seal towards the centre of them and Pokki will stop you and get off. She will reward you with 100 rupees for your troubles and that’s the quest complete.

That’s everything you need to know to finish the Tears of the Kingdom To The Ruins quest. If you’re looking to deal a bit more damage, check out our Tears of the Kingdom weapons guide for some good options. And if it’s fusion materials you want, taking down a Tears of the Kingdom Lynel will net you some of the most powerful materials you can get.

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