• Macbook vs gaming laptop – which one should you go for?

    If you are on the hunt for a new portable computer you’ll want to know how a Macbook vs gaming laptop compares. We’re here to break down the differences between the two to give you a sense of which will work better for you. When it comes to sheer computing power Macbooks and gaming laptops […]

    by on Oct 2, 2023
  • Best gaming headset for MW3, Warzone 2, and MW2 2023

    We know how dependent competitive game-play is on good equipment, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best gaming headsets for MW3 Warzone 2 and MW2. Following the huge success of the relaunched Modern Warfare 2, Activision has confirmed the next game in the series is getting the same treatment. This new MW3 […]

    by on Oct 2, 2023
  • MW3 pre-order where to buy, details, editions, and bonuses

    If you’re wondering what bonus and rewards come with the Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders, you’ve come to the right place. With the Modern Warfare 3 release date coming in early November, there’s a lot to look forward to ahead of the game’s much-anticipated release. Fans are eager to secure their copies of the game alongside […]

    by on Sep 29, 2023
  • How to play Xbox games on PC and laptop

    Wanting to defy laws of physics and play Xbox games on PC and laptop? We’re the scientists with the answers. Jokes aside. We’ve curated these super straightforward guides on how you can play your favourite Xbox games on PC. With games like Sea of Thieves being too good not to share, it’s only right that […]

    by on Sep 29, 2023
  • PlayStation Pulse earbuds and headset – pre order, where to buy, price, and more

    Sony has announced its PlayStation Explore earbuds and headset, so we’re covering all the important bits, including pre order details, where to buy, price and more. In case you’re late to the party, Sony has announced a flurry of exciting new products hailed to reflect the “generational leaps” the company has made in gaming. The […]

    by on Sep 29, 2023
  • PlayStation Portal release date, price, specs and what we know so far

    Now that Sony has announced a new device for Remote Play, we’re taking a look at the PlayStation Portal release date, and everything else we know about the console so far. We got our first bits of concrete information about the PlayStation Portal all the way back in August, though we were left in the […]

    by on Sep 29, 2023
  • How to force quit Windows

    Wanting to know how to force quit Windows? We’ve got you covered right here. Overall, Windows is pretty solid. Running into unresponsive applications or crashes isn’t really common which is why it’s no surprise that the Windows technology is used in all the best gaming laptops. But it’s not to say issues don’t arise as […]

    by on Sep 27, 2023
  • MW3 beta – how to get into the Modern Warfare 3 (2023) beta

    So you want to know how to access the MW3 beta? You’ve come to the right place. Modern Warfare 3 is the next big Call of Duty that players are excited about as it comes with a bunch of new features. From the continuation of the much-anticipated campaign to a whole new open-world zombie experience, […]

    by on Sep 26, 2023
  • Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest Pro – what are the differences?

    We’re going to take a deep dive into the Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest Pro to dissect what the differences are between these two iconic headsets. With the Meta Quest 3 announced by Zuckerberg in June this year, the anticipation has only been building. Following the September Connect event, Meta has spilled all about […]

    by on Sep 26, 2023
  • Can the RTX 4060 run Phantom Liberty with path tracing?

    Wanting to know whether the RTX 4060 can run Phantom Liberty with path tracing? We’ve got you covered right here. If you’re patrolling the streets of Night City, you can probably appreciate how aesthetic it is. To enhance this aesthetic, certain graphics cards will have a ray tracing and a path tracing option. It means […]

    by on Sep 25, 2023