Tears of the Kingdom abilities list – all of Link’s new abilities explained

Tears of the Kingdom abilities list – all of Link’s new abilities explained
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With a new game comes a new set of Tears of the Kingdom abilities for our hero Link, six in fact. From the object-merging magic of Fuse to the vehicle crafting of Ultrahand by way of the rewinding possibilities of Recall, there’s plenty for fans to get excited about in TotK and much as changed since Breath of the Wild. The first four are learned in the great sky island introduction section which are; Recall, Fuse, Ultrahand and Ascend. Camera and Autobuild are unlocked later in the depths of the game.

Here’s a breakdown of Link’s new abilities in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom to complement the new Tears of the Kingdom enemies and everything we know about the Tears of the Kingdom map.

Tears of the Kingdom abilities list

Here’s a breakdown of Link’s new Tears of the Kingdom abilities:


Link building a raft using Ultrahand ability

Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand is similar to the Fuse ability in that it allows Link to mix materials to craft new ones. However, this new Tears of the Kingdom ability is a little different. It’s used to attach objects together using a green glue-like goo to create larger ones, principally vehicles to get across Hyrule.

For example several logs together to make a raft, then tack on two fans to create a hovercraft to speed across a lake. Other examples include a car, an air balloon, and a flying hovercraft. The ability can also be used to create makeshift carts and lifts to get across long distance or solve puzzles.

In a nutshell: The Ultrahand ability allows you mix, attach and move objects to build structures

Ability location: This is the first ability you unlock at the Ukouh Shrine.


Link using to Fuse to make a hammer

Tears of the Kingdom Fuse allows Link to combine objects with others to create unique weapons with new abilities, improved stats, and better durability. The ability works with a host of items, including weapons, shields, arrows, and materials like sticks, boulders, leaves, and mushrooms. Fuse weapons include a pitchfork, a makeshift smoke bomb using a puffshroom and shield, a makeshift hammer, and homing arrows using a keese eyeball, each with unique effects, to name a few. There are dozens of Fuse recipes in Tears of the Kingdom, grating a huge range and variety of weapons.

In a nutshell: The Fuse ability give link the ability to create combinations of shields and weapons that are merged with other items. Basically combine weapons.

Ability location: In-Isa shrine


Link riding boulder using Recall ability in Tears of the Kingdom

The Tears of the Kingdom Recall allows Link to rewind or reverse the movement of objects. In Nintendo’s latest gameplay reveal, we saw Link use Recall on a fallen boulder, forcing the rock to retrace its path upwards. Link then hops on to catch a ride to a Sky Island above.

Recall is most useful for getting to hard-to-reach areas, namely Sky Islands. The ability is also used to solve puzzle solutions and even helps in combat – booting enemies back the way they came to avoid a fight, for example.

In a nutshell: The Recall ability allows Link to reverse time and also any flying objects. Quite useful for many situations during the main quest.

Ability location: When you are progressing through the Great Sky Island tutorial section in Temple of Time.


Link using Ascend ability to go through a building's roof in Tears of the Kingdom

The last of Link’s new Abilities is Tears of the Kingdom Ascend, an invisible elevator mechanic that allows Link to morph through ceilings. In Nintendo’s gameplay demonstration, Link uses Ascend to go through the solid objects such as a ceiling of a building then a cave. If Link is in a place with a roof, you can use Ascend to go through and up to the floor above.

In a nutshell: It allows Link to rise straight up into the air. Basically float through ceilings.

Ability location: Learnt at Gutanbac Shrine

That covers everything we know so far about Link’s new abilities in Tears of the Kingdom. We expect Nintendo to drip-feed us plenty of new details as release approaches, so we’ll update this article accordingly as and when. Check out our Tears of the Kingdom dungeons and Tears of the kingdom vehicles explainer guides.

What are Link’s new abilities in Tears of the Kingdom?

Link has four new abilities in Tears of the Kingdom – Fuse, Ascend, Ultrahand, and Recall.

Does Tears of the Kingdom have bombs?

Yes! Link will have the ability to use bombs flowers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. They were absent from Breath of the Wild but make a welcome return. Bomb Flowers are very useful during combat and beating puzzles.