How to cook in Tears of the Kingdom

How to cook in Tears of the Kingdom
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Wondering how to cook in Tears of the Kingdom? Saving Hyrule and the titular princess is hungry work, so knowing how to rustle up a hearty meal to keep Link in tip-tip condition is one of the most essential actions for progressing through the game.

We’ll outline everything you need to know about how to cook in Tears of the Kingdom. If you already know how to cook in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll have one of the main methods for how to heal in Tears of the Kingdom, whether you’re taking on one of the Tears of the Kingdom enemies or simply exploring the world.

If you are new to Zelda then you have arrived a the right place. Cooking is an important part of Tears of the Kingdom. Your trusty cooking pot will be your best friend.

How do you cook in Tears of the Kingdom?

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To cook effectively with ingredients in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you will ideally need to find a cooking pot. While exploring the tutorial area in the Great Sky Island you will be introduced to cooking by a friendly mechanical entity near a fire. You can cook over the fire with an apple, mushrooms or Skyshroom. You can actually throw the raw ingredients directly on to fires, but you’ll have to manually watch how it’s cooking and it’s quite easy to burn the ingredients that way, so this method isn’t advised.

If the fire isn’t already alight then you are able to light it with any kind of fire weapon, and from there select ingredients from the inventory to throw into it.

You can also cook with various monster parts to create elixirs that can confer different effects. For example, combining Fireproof Lizards with some Bokoblin Horns will make a Fireproof Elixir that grants the fire resistance buff.

If you are cooking with a pot then Link is able to hold a maximum of five ingredients that can be put into the cooking pot and will cook to perfection with no further input needed and be back in Link’s inventory ready for eating

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If you throw in several ingredients into a pot at once, it’ll create a meal. While you might want to experiment in discovering recipes for yourself, we also have a guide on all of the Tears of the Kingdom recipes that we’ll continue to update after the game’s release. Nintendo has also added a cooking recipe book to this game, so you don’t need to keep a mental list of every recipe this time around.

How to make a fire to cook on

To make a fire in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’ll need a few items and tools:

1. Collect the wood

Look for trees and then use a weapon or a Bomb Flower to chop the tree down. You will then be able to pick up the wood for your fire.

2. Find the flint

Flint is a common mineral in Tears of the Kingdom, so keep an eye out for flint near rocky areas. You are also able to gather flint by breaking open ore deposits.

3. Assemble the fire

OK so you have wood and flint. Now onto assembling the fire! Follow these steps by steps instructions:

  • Open your inventory by pressing the “+” button
  • Scroll to the “Materials” section and select the “Wood” item.
  • Now to combine the wood with the flint you need to select the “Flint” item and press the “Y” button to combine it with the wood.
  • Once the wood and flint are combined, you can exit your inventory.
  • Equip a weapon that can create sparks or use a fire-based weapon like a Fire Arrow.
  • Equip the combined wood and flint in your hands, then swing your weapon against it to create a spark.
  • The spark will ignite the wood, creating a fire!

If this is the first time making a fire, it can easily spread, so be careful where you start the fire. You need to try and void starting fires near flammable objects or grass. In addition to creating a wild fire, fires can also attract attention, so be mindful of your surroundings and potential enemies.

What are the benefits of cooking in Tears of the Kingdom?

As we have alluded to. Cooking in Tears of the Kingdom is a crucial part of the game. There are variety of benefits so getting a solid understanding of how this game mechanic works will make your legend of zelda experience far more enjoyable. Here are the main advantages of cooking:

Health Restoration

A lot of food items can restore your health when cooked and consumed. If you combine different ingredients, you can create dishes that provide a significant health boost. You will need to learn which ingredients provide the best health boost.

Example Health Restoration dish – Hearty Steamed Meat: Cook a piece of raw steak meat and a hearty radish together to create a dish that restores a large amount of health.

Stamina Restoration

You can learn recipes that can restore your character’s stamina. Stamina is crucial for actions like climbing, swimming, and performing charged attacks so cooking and eating stamina-restoring dishes allows you to performance these activities for longer durations.

Example Stamina Restoration dish – Energizing Mushroom Skewer: Cook any edible mushrooms with a stamina-restoring ingredient like a Courser Bee Honey or Endura Shroom to create a dish that restores stamina.

Temporary Heart Increases

Some recipes can grant you temporary bonus hearts in addition to your regular health. These bonus hearts act as additional health points. This dishes are best reserved for when you are about to face challenging battles or encounters where you need extra durability.

Example Temporary Heart Increases dish – Hearty Salmon Meuniere: Cook a hearty salmon with butter to create a dish that grants temporary bonus hearts.

Status Effect Resistance

You can also rustle up dishes that provide resistance or immunity bonuses to various environmental hazards or status effects. As an example you can cook meals that provide heat resistance for traversing hot areas, cold resistance for exploring snowy regions, or resistance to elemental damage like fire or electricity.

Example Status Effect Resistance Dish – Spicy Sautéed Peppers: Cook spicy peppers to create a dish that provides heat resistance in hot areas.

Buffs and Bonuses

Link can also benefit from temporary buffs and bonuses, such as increased attack power, defense, stealth, speed, or heightened senses. These enhancements can greatly aid you in combat, stealthy approaches, or puzzle-solving.

Example Buffs and Bonuses dish –  Mighty Simmered Fruit: Cook any fruit (or spicy fruit) with a mighty ingredient like a Mighty Bananas or Razorshroom to create a dish that temporarily increases attack power.

Selling and Earning Rupees

If you are not in need for a boost then you can also create create valuable dishes that can be sold for rupees, the in-game currency. By combining certain rare ingredients, you can create dishes that have a high value when sold.

Overall, cooking in Tears of the Kingdom is a versatile and essential mechanic that allows you to improve your survivability as you progress through the game.

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