All Palworld achievements guide – How to unlock challenges in hit survival game

All Palworld achievements guide – How to unlock challenges in hit survival game
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Want all the Palworld achievements? Any completionist gamers out there will want to 100% the games they play, and Pocketpair’s new RPG survival shooter is no exception. On Xbox, they give gamer score, so there’s added incentive to seek out and complete these fun and challenging tasks. Nevertheless, they give direction for players to go in when they might otherwise be mindlessly grinding things out.

Here, we’re going to break down the full list of Palworld achievements and explain how to unlock them each. If you’re looking to get some help earning some of these and want to know if Palworld is multiplayer or if Palworld is crossplay enabled, be sure to check out our dedicated guides.

All Palword achievements you can get

Currently, there are 10 achievements you can unlock on the game. The Palworld challenges are as follows:

  • Caught A Pal For The First Time
  • Caught 10 Different Types Of Pals
  • Caught 20 Different Types Of Pals
  • Caught 50 Different Types Of Pals
  • Caught 90 Different Types Of Pals
  • Defeated Victor And Shadowbeak
  • Defeated Axel And Orserk
  • Defeated Marcus And Faleris
  • Defeated Lily And Leyleen
  • Defeat Zoe And Grizzbolt
In Palworld, an exciting virtual world filled with diverse achievements, a vibrant girl with pink hair and blue eyes is confidently holding a flashlight.

How to earn achievements in Palword

Fortunately, the lack of creativity in achievement titles makes them pretty self-explanatory when it comes to completing them. If you want to pick up all achievements in the game right now, you’ll just need to play through the main story, taking your time to explore as much of the map as possible.

For now, these are the only achievements in Palworld. They are pretty limited, but it’s not unreasonable to think that Pocket Pair, the developers, might have more in store down the line. Several games get new achievements when they update, and Palworld appears to be a game poised for a very long shelf life.

That covers everything you need to know about Palworld achievements. Whether you’re planning to play on Game Pass or PS4 or PS5 you shouldn’t have much trouble collecting any of them now.

Palworld Achievements FAQ

How many achievements can you unlock in Palworld at the moment?

There are 10 total achievements you can unlock in Palworld.

What’s the easiest achievment to unlock in Palworld?

The easiest Palworld achievement you can unlock requires you to simply catch your first Pal.