Palworld Pal tier list – Best team for combat

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There are a lot of Pals to choose from in the game. In fact, there are over 100 you can find on Palpagos Island. Our guide will focus on the best pals to use for combat and help you build your team.

Before progressing to the tier list, please note that this tier list is based on the best Pals for your team and not the best for your camp. Without further ado, this is the official Palworld tier list for combat.

✓ At a Glance
  • S Tier – Jormuntide, Jormuntide Ignis, Anubis, Blazamut, Shadowbeak,
    Lyleen, Warsect, Frostallion, Oserk, Paldius
  • A Tier – Relaxaurus, Relaxaurus Lux, Jetragon, Grizzbolt, Suzaka Aqua,
    Incineram Noct, Icineram, Cryolinx, Reptyro, Menasting, Astegon, Dinossom Lux, Rayhound, Direhowl, Suzaku Aqua, Blazehowl Noct, Eikthyrdeer Terra, Mammorest Cryst
a Palworld entry deck of Petallia, a green flower like Pal.
Petallia Paldeck entry, a strong grass type Pal. Image by VideoGamer

Palworld combat tier list

SJormuntide, Jormuntide Ignis, Anubis, Blazamut, Shadowbeak,
Lyleen, Warsect, Frostallion, Oserk, Paldius
ARelaxaurus, Relaxaurus Lux, Jetragon, Grizzbolt, Suzaka Aqua,
Incineram Noct, Icineram, Cryolinx, Reptyro, Menasting, Astegon, Dinossom Lux, Rayhound, Direhowl, Suzaku Aqua, Blazehowl Noct, Eikthyrdeer Terra, Mammorest Cryst
BKatress, Dinossom, Beakon, Verdash, Petallia, Vanwyrm Cryst, Frostallion Noct,
Gorirat, Helzephyr, Bushi, Azurobe, Wixen, Pyrin Noct, Quivern, Orserk, Faleris, Ragnahawk, Nitewing, Daedream, Maraith, Wumpo Botan, Surfent Terra, Swee, Sibelyx, Jolthog Cryst, Mau Cryst, Ice Kingpaca, Arsox, Leezpunk Ignis, Broncherry Aqua
CDigtoise, Loupmoon. Ice Reptyro, Galeclaw, Chillet, Univolt, Foxcicle,
Vaelet, Lunaris, Dumud, Elizabee, Sweepa, Grintale, Pyrin, Necromus, Paladius, Woolipop, Lamball, Lyleen Noct, Vixy, Fenglope, Reindrix, Dazzi, Lovander, Foxparks, Sparkit, Teafant, Flopie, Pengullet, Cawgnito, Caprity, Robinquill Terra, Mossanda Lux
DKelpsea, Kingpaca, Mammorest, Wump Baton, Mossanda,
Penking, Rooby, Kitsun, Beegarde, Mozzarina, Flambelle, Tombat, Cinnamoth, Gobfin, Rushoar, Lifmunk, Depresso, Gumoss, Leezpunk, Cremis, Fuddler, Ribbuny
Best Pals Tier List in Palworld

Not every Pal is included on the list. There are some companions that you get early on that are not worth taking into battle or on adventures. These Pals include ones like Chikipi, Tanzee, Jolthog, Fuack, and more. Stronger Pals that are good for fighting tend to be found after reaching level 10 and higher. PocketPair did a good job balancing the game in this manner. The Palworld best fighting Pals are not easy to get, though.

✓ Aden’s Tip

Alpha and Lucky Pals

You can catch Alpha and Lucky Pals that are much stronger than their normal variants. Always be on the lookout for these Pal variants as they can have great passive abilities, stat increases, and skills.

Let’s break down the different tiers and the Pals found within them in our official Palworld Pals tier list.

S-Tier Pals explained

The S-Tier Pals are the strongest of the bunch and ones that you won’t typically find until you reach the end of the game. You most likely will be around level 40 to 50 when you discover these Pals. Finding them sooner than this will typically end up getting defeated. These Pals deal incredibly high raw damage and have overall good stats.

A-Tier Pals explained

A-Tier Pals can be found around levels 20 to 25 These Pals include ones like Relaxaurus, Jetragon, and Grizzbolt. Many of these Pals are powerful tanks that you can use to your advantage to soak up some hits. These Pals also know how to hit hard in return and are almost as good as the S-Tier. You will want to have a few of the Pals from this rank on your team when you reach the endgame.

B-Tier Pals explained

Similar to the A-Tier, most of these Pals will be found in the middle-level range of 20. You will most likely be levels 15 to 25 when you come across these Pals. While they aren’t the best on the list, they can deal good damage, use powerful skills, and often have decent passive abilities.

C-Tier Pals explained

The C-Tier Pals are ones that are decently strong in the early game. You will most likely find these Pals around levels 10 to 15 after you start exploring the world. This is around the time you will start having your first boss battle and face some strong encounters.

D-Tier Pals explained

The D-Tier Pals are the weakest of the bunch but they are strong starters to have on your team for your first few challenges in the world. After getting your footing, you will find these Pals between levels 5 and 10, making them easy to catch but not easy enough that you can simply beat them with a bat.

Best team for fighting in Palworld

While there are many strong Pals, only certain ones are strong enough to really take you to the end of the game and defeat the final boss of the island. Here are the Pals that we think are the best for combat. If you can make a team of even a few of these, you’ll have one of the best Palworld teams out there:

  1. Gorirat
  2. Lyleen
  3. Jormuntide
  4. Warsect
  5. Frostallion
  6. Necromus
  7. Shadowbeak

Let’s break each of these Pals down.


  • Element: Neutral
  • Partner Skill: Full-power Gorilla Mode
  • Work Suitability: Handiwork Lv 1, Lumbering Lv 2, Transporting Lv 3

Gorirat is a strong competitor with the Full-power Gorilla Mode partner skill that massively increases its attack, making it a powerhouse. This powerful Pal is great to have on your team and is even better with a passive that increases its attack further or the burly body passive that increases its defense.


  • Element: Grass
  • Partner Skill: Harvest Goodness
  • Work Suitability: Planting Lv 4, Handiwork Lv 3, Gathering Lv 2, Medicine Production Lv 3

Lyleen is the best grass-type Pal thanks to its healing ability. While Lyleen is strong, nothing beats its ability to heal the player. Its partner skill gives you back a lot of health, increasing your survivability. Take one look at the Lily boss fight and you will understand just how powerful Lyleen truly is.


  • Element: Dragon, Water
  • Partner Skill: Stormbringer Sea Dragon
  • Work Suitability: Watering Lv 4

Jormuntide is one of, if not the, most powerful Pal in the game. With an attack that is through the roof, you won’t find any Pals that can be this one in raw physical strength. Thanks to this, it is great to have this Pal on your team. If you already have a water type, get the Ignis version of this Pal to have a fire-type instead.


  • Element: Grass, Ground
  • Partner Skill: Hard Armor
  • Work Suitability: Planting Lv 1, Handiwork Lv 1, Lumbering Lv 3, Transporting Lv 3

Warsect can be found as both an alpha and a normal Pal wandering the wildlife sanctuary. This grass and ground type Pal is very strong and its typing helps handle its own weaknesses. Warsect has a passive that increases your attack and applies fire damage whenever you are fighting together, making it worthwhile to have out at all times.


  • Element: Ice
  • Partner Skill: Ice Steed
  • Work Suitability: Cooling Lv 4

Frostallion is a powerful ice type that you can only get as an alpha in the game. When riding on this mount-type Pal, your attacks turn to ice and deal extra damage. It is the perfect mount to have for those who want to stay safe while travelling.


  • Element: Dark
  • Partner Skill: Dark Knight of the Abyss
  • Work Suitability: Lumbering Lv 2, Mining Lv 2

Necromus is one of the few legendary Pals in the game that you can find. This powerful dark-type Pal doubles as a fast mount with the ability to double jump like Fengelope. In terms of speed, it is one of the fastest mounts in the game.


  • Element: Dark
  • Partner Skill: Modified DNA
  • Work Suitability: Gathering Lv 1

Shadowbeak is another late-game Pal that you won’t get until around level 50. This powerful dark-type Pal can also be ridden as a mount and applies dark damage to all of your attacks while you are mounted. Shadowbeak hits very hard in combat and is also a fast mount that makes getting around easy.

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