How to level up fast and farm XP in Palworld

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✓ At a glance
  • You can earn more XP by boosting your EXP Gain settings and developing your base.
  • Combat against Alpha Pals, dungeon bosses, and Tower bosses will improve your level too.
  • Capture Pals in sets of 10 for the capture XP bonus and use Training Manuals to improve your Pals.

With the Sakurajima expansion bringing in some powerful Pals and human NPCs, becoming stronger is essential to take on endgame content like the boss Saya or the Blazamut Ryu raid. Right from the starting area in your world, you can begin earning XP but there are ways to speed up the grind. Collecting experience in Palworld via regular activities might be simple but getting a lot of it quickly isn’t. Use our tested methods to level up fast in Palworld and take on new threats.

Our 7 best ways to get XP fast

Completing tasks like crafting, catching Pals, and more will get you experience. But you’ll find the best XP jumps when you’re in combat against Pals or bosses. Here are some of the best ways to earn experience:

  1. Increase your EXP Gain settings
  2. Build and craft items at your base to farm XP
  3. Battle and catch Alpha Pals
  4. Complete Dungeons to earn XP
  5. Defeat Tower bosses and capture them
  6. Catch lots of Pals for the capture bonus
  7. Don’t forget your Training Manuals and Crystals
A player changes their world settings in Palworld.
Boost your EXP rate to level up faster. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Increase your EXP Gain settings

If you want a quick path to improve the rate at which you earn experience, there’s a shortcut that developer Pocketpair offers to all players. Go into your World Settings and push the EXP slider up to 20. This will give you a huge buff when it comes to earning XP. While players looking for an authentic grind should stick to the default setting, there’s no harm in making life easier for you and your Pals. This will let you quickly work towards exotic items like the new Meteor Launcher.

A player stands next to a wooden structure in Palworld.
Build structures to rake up XP. Image by VideoGamer.

Build and craft items at your base to farm XP

Simply building structures or crafting items will get you some XP. This is a natural process so you’re bound to get some experience this way as you progress in the game. Pals that are assigned to tasks at your base like mining or transporting will also earn XP at a steady rate. One good trick is creating arrows at a High Quality Workbench with Pals that have the Handiwork skill. You can earn almost 10K XP per hour this way. You can apply this to resources like Red Berries and tasks like cooking them into Cooked Berries. Pals in your Pal Box won’t earn any XP.

There’s a secret cheese mechanic to earn experience extremely quickly thanks to this building mechanic. Start by building a structure that looks like the one in the image above. With a building like this, you can quickly destroy and build the wall hanging down, gaining XP at a rapid rate. When done correctly, you should be able to infinitely build and destroy it, allowing you to get infinite XP. At higher levels, this will become tedious but it is still effective.

A player fights Alpha Mammorest in Palworld.
Alpha Pals can be a challenge to fight. Image by VideoGamer.

Battle and catch Alpha Pals

Alphas are the large Pals that you see roaming around. These massive beasts are typically tougher to take down and have a large health bar to show how menacing they are. The new Xenogard from Meteorite Events is one such challenge. You shouldn’t go into these fights without a plan and some good Pals to back you up. However, catching these Pals will net you a powerful team member and some extra experience. They respawn once per in-game day so you can farm them with the right team of Pals for Ancient Civilization Parts. Even if a Pal faints during the encounter, they will earn XP.

A player stands near a dungeon entrance in Palworld.
Dungeons let you find a lot of high-level Pals. Image by VideoGamer.

Complete Dungeons to earn XP

Dungeons appear regularly around the map in select locations with the first one being near the Rayne Syndicate Tower. Running these will get you a lot of experience, especially if you decide to catch all of the Pals inside including the boss after any boss fights. If you want to get the capture bonus, sprint out of the boss fight and return to spawn in more Pals. You will also get some good rewards (including XP) in the process as you continue to climb the ranks to the max level.

✓ Aden’s tip

Your Pals gain experience alongside you. Every time you complete an action that gets you experience, your team of Pals gets experience as well. Switch out your team regularly to level up all of your Pals.

A player checks out Rayne Syndicate Tower in palworld.
The Rayne Syndicate Tower houses the first boss. Image by VideoGamer.

Defeat Tower bosses and capture them

We mentioned how Alphas are a great way to gain experience. Well, you might also want to start challenging bosses. These fights will get you a lot of experience but, be warned, they are very tough. There are two types of bosses; trainer bosses and dungeon bosses. The Rayne Syndicate Tower houses the first set of trainer bosses, Zoe and Grizzbolt. It has human Syndicate members nearby, making it a great place to grind for XP.

Pace yourself and give them a try when you’re ready. Completing these and defeating Tower bosses will net you some good experience. They also drop Ancient Technology Points, useful while working towards special gear in the game. And yes, you can capture them. Stand behind the boss Pal when you throw a Pal Sphere to improve your odds of adding them to your party.

A player catches a Pal in palworld.
Capture Pals of the same type to get more XP. Image by VideoGamer.

Catch lots of Pals for the capture bonus

The most basic action, catching Pals, is easily the best way to get experience. More specifically, catching a 10 Pals of the same kind grants you a sizable XP capture bonus. After that, the experience gains diminish quickly. Once you hit 10, stick to catching a Pal when you need to and move on to the next type. Since the XP boost of capturing 10 identical Pals scales based on player level, save it for higher levels. This doesn’t depend on the Pal’s level so feel free to catch early-game Pals like Foxparks too.

✓ Aden’s tip

Finding eggs around the world and hatching them will count as catching a Pal. You can also breed two Pals to get a new Pal and that will also get you XP.

Remember, catching Pals gets you more experience than defeating enemy Pals. To do this effectively, keep a good supply of Pal Spheres. While Legendary and Ultra Spheres should work well against high-level Pals, the new update brings Ultimate Spheres that improve your odds even further. Capturing a Pal for the first time also grants a separate XP bonus so fill out that Paldeck.

A Training Manual in Palworld.
Training Manuals let you skip some of the grind. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Don’t forget your Training Manuals and Crystals

Training Manuals and Crystals can be found in Treasure Chests or earned from raids. Remember to apply them on Pals that you want to level up. Here are all the types of manuals you can use in-game:

Training Manual (S)Grants 100 EXP when used on a Pal.
Training Manual (M)Grants 1,000 EXP when used on a Pal.
Training Manual (L)Grants 10,000 EXP when used on a Pal.
Training Manual (XL)Grants 100,000 EXP when used on a Pal.
Training CrystalStrange crystal that raises a Pal’s level by one.

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