How to level up fast in Palworld – Best tips to get XP quickly

How to level up fast in Palworld – Best tips to get XP quickly
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Are you wondering how to level up fast in Palworld? What are the best ways to get EXP? You can get a lot of experience in Palworld. Of course, it helps if you know what gives you experience and how much you get from each task. From the starting area in your open world, you can begin earning XP, but it doesn’t all come equally.

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Collecting experience in Palworld is very easy. Getting a lot of it quickly isn’t. Here is how to level up fast in Palworld – the best ways to get EXP.

Best ways to get EXP in Palworld

In Palworld, completing tasks like crafting, catching Pals, and more will get your experience. There are few actions you can take that don’t net you a little EXP. With that being said, here are some of the best ways to gather experience. Also, be sure to go into your World Settings and push the EXP slider up to 20.

  1. Battling/Catching Alpha Pals
  2. Completing Dungeons
  3. Defeating bosses
  4. Catching lots of Pals

Let’s break down each of these EXP rate and see what makes them good.

Battling / Catching Alpha Pals

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Alphas are the large Pals that you see roaming around. These massive beasts are typically tougher to take down and have a large health bar to show how menacing they are. You shouldn’t go into these fights without a plan and some good Pals to back you up. However, catching these Pals will get you a powerful team member and some extra experience. Capture all you can see and it will not only give you new Pals, but plenty of points for fast leveling.

Completing Dungeons

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Dungeons appear regularly around the map in select locations with the first one being near the Rayne Syndicate Tower. Running these will get you a lot of experience, especially if you decide to catch all of the Pals inside including the boss after any boss fights. You will also get some good rewards (including XP rewards) and experience benefits in the process as you continue to climb the ranks to the max level.

Experience for your Pals

Your Pals gain experience alongside you. Every time you complete an action that gets you expeirence, you team of Pals gets experience as well. Pals that remain at your camp do not gather experience. The same can be said about those in the Palbox. Be sure to switch out your team regularly to level up all of your Pals.

Defeating bosses

Discover how to level up fast in the Rayne Synce Tower video game.
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We mentioned how Alphas are a great way to gain experience. Well, you might also want to start challenging bosses. These fights will get you a lot of experience but, be warned, they are very tough. There are two types of bosses; trainer bosses and dungeon bosses. There are special Pal fights that count as dungeons that regularly respawn. Pace yourself, but give them a try when you’re ready. Completing these and defeating trainer bosses will net you some good experience.

Catching lots of Pals

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The most basic action, catching Pals, is probably the best way to get experience. More specifically, catching a lot of the same Pal. You gain bonus experience for catching up to 10 of the same Pal. After that, the experience gains diminish quickly. Once you hit 10, stick to catching a Pal when you need to and move on to the next type. Remember, catching gets you more experience than defeating enemy Pals.

How to level up fast using the building cheese method in Palworld

There is a means of getting experience extremely fast thanks to the building mechanic in the game. To do this, start by building a structure that looks like the one in the image below.

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With a building like this, you can quickly destroy and build the wall hanging down, gaining XP quickly in the process. This doesn’t work all the time and can be tricky to get it to work right. When done correctly, you should be able to infinitely build and it will get destroyed, allowing you to get infinite XP. At higher levels, this will become more tedious but it is still effective.

Those are the best methods to get XP in Palworld. Be sure to also check out the best mining Pals in Palworld. You can also check out our Palworld Beginner’s guide so you know how to start the game strong.

Palworld Level up Fast – FAQ

Do your Pals level up alongside you?

Yes. The Pals in your team level up alongside you as you complete tasks.

Do Pals in the Palbox level up?

No. The Pals in the Palbox don’t level up unless you take them out and add them to your team.