How to heal Pals in Palworld – injuries, revives, and supplies explained

How to heal Pals in Palworld – injuries, revives, and supplies explained
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Need to heal Pals in Palworld? Pocketpair’s survival RPG has plenty of Pokemon-like features in it, and that includes your Pals being able to sustain damage. Obviously, you’re going to want to rectify this, so how do you heal a Pal? And what should you do to revive a Pal if it faints after taking on bosses or other Pals in raids and battles?

That’s what we’ll be answering here as we explain how to heal Pals in Palworld as well as how to revive them. If you’re still struggling with how to catch Pals, how to care for Pals, or just want some ideas for your best Pal options like the best mining Pals, we’ve got you covered with our catalog of other Palworld guides.

How do you heal a Pal in Palworld

To heal a Pal, you’ll need to use medical supplies of a certain grade depending on the injury type, and give them time to rest so that they can recover their health. They can also regain full health if they sleep in a bed built on a Wood or Stone foundation. Unlike in Pokémon, which the game has seen countless comparisons to, this is not an instantaneous process.

First, determine what kind of injury your Pal has sustained. You can check this by looking at their details, which will display current injuries. If they have some injuries, you’ll need to address them out of your inventory. These can occur all the time, especially if your Pals have been battling.

A screenshot of Palworld, a game featuring adorable animals in a vibrant field.
A screenshot of Palworld, a game featuring adorable animals in a vibrant field.

All Pal injury types and how to heal them

Here’s a breakdown of each injury (which includes depression) type a Pal can get, and what you’ll need to do to heal them from the Medieval Medicine Workbench (medicine bench).

  • Cold – Low-Grade Medical supplies.
  • Sprain – Low-Grade Medical supplies.
  • Ulcer – Standard Medical supplies.
  • Fracture – Standard Medical supplies.
  • Weakened – High-Grade Medical supplies.
  • Depressed – High-Grade Medical supplies.

Using medical supplies will remove the injury status effect in question from your Pal, but it won’t replenish their health. For that, you’ll need to let them rest by taking them off the field. Send them back into their Pal Sphere with E. As long as it isn’t out and active, it’ll regenerate any lost health over time.

Hunger in Palworld explained

Another condition your Pal can struggle with is Hunger. This is indicated by the orange hunger bar under the green health bar. When your Pal is not hungry, it can regenerate HP over time when inside its Pal Sphere. It gets depleted as it performs tasks like serving as a mount, fighting, or working at a base.

Once it reaches zero, your Pal starts starving and its health drops to 1 HP. Feed them by right-clicking on a specific food in your inventory and then clicking the Pal you want to feed. You can bring up the inventory by hitting the Esc key on a PC keyboard and then accessing the Inventory Tab.

There’s one other kind of injury a Pal can sustain though, usually from battle rather than work. When a Pal drops to zero health and faints, it becomes Incapacitated, so how do you remedy this particular problem?

A screenshot of a video game showing a chicken and a pig as Pals in Palworld, engaging in healing activities.
A screenshot of a video game showing a chicken and a pig as Pals in Palworld, engaging in healing activities.

How to revive an Incapacitated Pal in Palworld

To Revive an Incapacitated Pal you need to send them back to their Pal Box. Once back in the Palbox, a 10-minute timer will appear on them, counting down to their revival. After this, you’ll be able to use them again. They are effectively unusable until that timer hits zero, so don’t try to rush it or use them before they are ready. No food item or anything else will heal these ailments. Time heals all wounds, and that is sort of true in Palworld.

You can wait for them to heal while you continue base building as a way to pass that time. Try having more than one mount with you or else your walk back to your base will be a long one.

You can continue your regular activities while waiting for a Pal to be revived

Don’t let an incapacitated Pal slow you down. Let them rest as you tend to your base building efforts.

How to get medical supplies in Palworld

If you want to help your injured Pals, you’re going to need to pick up valuable medical supplies. So how do you get, low, medium, and high grade medical supplies? You’ve got a few options for each, so let’s cover them now. Note that they only relieve status ailments and do not restore health.

A screenshot of a game screen showcasing heal Pals in Palworld alongside various items.
A screenshot of a game screen showcasing heal Pals in Palworld alongside various items.

How to get Low-Grade medical supplies

Low-Grade supplies are the easiest to get as they can come from three sources. Firstly, there are a handful of enemies who can drop them when defeated or captured. Flopie, Lyleen, and Vaelet Pals all have a chance to drop them. Alternatively you can buy medical supplies from vendors and merchants for 240 Gold. Lastly, you can craft Low-Grade medical supplies with five red berries and two horns.

How to get Standard medical supplies

Standard supplies are a little more difficult to come by as they can’t drop from any Pals currently in the game. If you want to buy them from merchants, you’ll be looking at a more hefty 800 Gold per piece. Crafting them is the option we’d advise, as it’s a fair bit easier. You’ll need three ingots, three horns, and one bone for each Standard medical supply.

How to get High-Grade medical supplies

High-Grade medical supplies are the hardest to get. They don’t drop from anything, and if you’re hoping to buy them off merchants, be prepared to fork out an eye-watering 3000 Gold per piece. By far, your best option here is to craft them where possible. To do this you’ll only need to spend some more of the same resources for the Standard grade medical supplies, in this case five ingots, five horns, and two bones. These are among the best to refill your Pal’s HP bar and make sure they’re good to go again.

That covers everything you should need to know about how to heal Pals in Palworld, as well as how to revive Pals in Palworld and where you can pick up the necessary medical supplies like strange juice and beautiful flowers. If you’re still learning the game, why not check out our Palworld beginners guide?

If it’s a specific question you want answered, we can help there too. From how many Palworld bases you can have to how to breed Pals and hatch eggs, we’ve got you covered. If you’re wondering what exploration tips or multiplayer tips can help, we’ve got you covered there, too!

Palworld healing FAQ

How many types of medical supplies are there in Palworld?

There are three primary types of healing supplies in Palworld: low-grade, standard, and high-grade.

Can Pals die in Palworld?

No, Pals can’t die, but they can be incapacitated. In this state, they’ll be unable to move, attack, defend, or perform tasks until they recover.