Palworld Best Handiwork Pals – Craft items more easily

Palworld Best Handiwork Pals – Craft items more easily
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Are you looking for the best Handiwork Pals in Palworld? Do you want to get a hand while crafting items? The handiwork skill is great for those who want to have items built while they are away and trust their Pals to take on the burden.

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Pal skills are important to look for and the handiwork skill is one of the most useful. Here are the best handiwork Pals in Palworld.

Who are the best Handiwork Pals in Palworld?

There are plenty of Pals that have the handiwork skill but only a few of them are good with this work suitability skill. For this list, we are looking at those who excel above others based on their skill combinations and what they can build.

  1. Wixen
  2. Anubis
  3. Penking
  4. Verdash
  5. Elizabee

These are our personal favorites when it comes to the handiwork skill. Note that we have not discovered all the Pals in the game so this is based on what we have so far. Let’s break these pals down.


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Wixen is one of the better handiwork partners because it is one of the few with a handiwork skill of level 3. It also has kindling and transporting, allowing it to smelt ore for you and transport goods. of course, these other skills are at level 2 which is fairly decent.

Hatch from eggs

Wixen can actually be obtained pretty early in the game by hatching a large fire egg. After getting a flying mount, go to the western side of the map to find an egg that may contain a Wixen.


Anubis can be found out in the desert fairly early in the game but it is too strong to catch initially. Once you are able to catch it, this Pal has the best handiwork skill in the game with it being level 4. It also has mining at level 3, making it a strong competitor against other Pals like Dumud and Digtoise.


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Penking is the royal penguin that you can as a boss early in the game at level 16. This strong Pal has a lot of work suitability skills, making it a strong asset for your base. Penking has the handiwork, watering, mining, cooling, and transporting skills, making it invaluable around camp. The only downside is that it really loves its food and it only appears to work on structures and not items when it builds.


Verdash is another great Pal with a bunch of skills that make it great around camp. It has the handiwork, gathering, lumbering, transporting, and planting skills. Thanks to this, you have a Pal who will work on items for you at a fast rate but will also cut down logs at your lumber camp and even help grow food to sustain itself.


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Elizabee is the final suggestion we have and another Pal with a lot of skills. Similar to Verdash, it has gathering and planting skills, allowing it to sustain itself around camp by growing food. It also has the medicine production skill to help you with crafting medicine to care for your Pals. With almost all of these skills at level 2, Elizabee is a very valuable member of your camp.

That is the best handiwork Pals. Be sure to check out the Palworld Black Marketeer locations. You can also check out the best flying and ground mounts in Palworld.

Palworld Handiwork Pals – FAQ

Where can you find Verdash in Palworld?

Verdash can be found in the north west of the map on a small island above the volcanic area.

Why do only some Pals build items while others build structures?

We are uncertain as to why only some Pals work on items at workbenches. This appears to be based on a Pal’s size as it is typically larger Pals that don’t work at your benches.