Is Palworld free to play? Palworld price to download for Game Pass and Steam

Is Palworld free to play? Palworld price to download for Game Pass and Steam
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Are you wondering if Palworld is free to play? This new adventure from Pocketpair allows you to enjoy the open world of the island of Palpagos alongside Pals, powerful creatures that are similar to Pokémon. However, it’s not all bright and cheery.

With the Palworld release date on its way, it’s no wonder gamers are asking all the questions they can. Be sure to find out if Palworld is multiplayer before continuing on. But, if you’re just wondering if Palworld is free to play, we’re here to let you know. Let’s find out the price of Palworld so you can catch a monster and put it to work in the hit crafting game. It’s that kind of game that everyone’s enjoying, so you’ll probably want to get involved.

Is Palworld free?

No, Palworld is not a free-to-play game for PC players. The game will cost $29.99 at launch, according to an FAQ on the game’s Steam page. This pricing is for the game’s early access and is expected to increase when the full official release comes out.

A fire type Pal in Palword standing in the grass
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However, the game will be available for those who are Xbox Game Pass subscribers, making it free to play for them technically. Xbox Game Pass, one of any gamers’ best resources, gives paying subscribers full access to a catalog of games, and Palworld is launching on the service in its early access the same day. This fresh take on mysterious creatures can be yours with the subscription.

The subscription itself costs money every month, but it also has hundreds of games on it. This dilutes the cost of each game you play on it by a wide margin, making it fairly cheap. Obviously, everyone doesn’t play all the games available, but a few of them makes each one of them an insignificant monthly cost.

Palworld pricing

Here are the prices for Palworld:

  • PC: $29.99
  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S: $29.99
  • Game Pass Subscription (Core): $9.99 recurring monthly
  • Game Pass Ultimate Subscription: $16.99 recurring monthly

The game will cost the same for all platforms it’s released on, including PC and Xbox consoles. Game Pass subscriptions will reoccur monthly, and unfortunately, if you end your subscription, you lose access to the games, including Palworld.

As mentioned earlier, the game is in early access still, and the price will more than likely increase when the full release is brought out. It’s unknown how long the game will remain in early access, but things like PvP and more are expected to come in the future, which could see a price bump. It’s not one of the free games on Steam right now anyway.

It’s not on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation ritht now. Your army of Pals won’t come without a slight cost, but it’s a relatively cheap game. There are Game Pass free trial options, but that’s only for brand new subscribers.

Give it a year

While it’s still unknown the official time for how long Palworld will be in early access, the Steam page FAQ notes that Pocketpair expects Palworld to remain in early access for at least a year. This gives players plenty of time to check out the game before its full release.

Palworld brings you to an open world filled with creatures called Pals, which you can catch and keep. Pals are similar to Pokémon, but Palworld is a much darker place where survival is tough. Use weapons to take down boss Pals, trade Pals out, survive off the land, and you may even have to eat your own Pals for survival. This is very unlike Pokemon, which it has drawn comparisons to.

Does Palworld have microtransactions?

Palworld does not have any microtransactions. The price of the game is what you will pay to pay it. Many single player games will have items you can buy or skins to purchase that give you some advantage or just a cosmetic upgrade to charge a small fee and make some money, but not Palworld. It’s one of the most played game options right now, so it’s worth the cost. Get the open-world survival crafting game with adorable critters now!

That’s everything you need to know about whether Palworld is free-to-play. Be sure to check out if Palworld is on PS4 and PS5 if you’re dying to know more about this open-world survival game.

Is Palworld free FAQs

Is Palworld free-to-play?

No, Palworld is not free to play, however, the game will be launched on Xbox Game Pass, making it free to paying subscribers to play.

How much does Palworld cost?

Palworld will be $29.99 at the launch of the early access, according to the FAQ on the game’s Steam page. This price is expected to increase