How to slide in Palworld for a speed boost

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Want to know how to slide in Palworld? Sliding in Palworld is a great way to get around, especially if you want to get downhill in a hurry.

You can enhance the momentum of your slide if you sprint beforehand, which also lets you pull off some speedy moves you might not know about.

Before we get into the technique, make sure you read our guides covering the best stats to upgrade and how to catch a Sibelyx. Now, this is how to slide in Palworld.

How to slide in Palworld

Performing a slide in Palworld
Performing a slide in Palworld (Image taken by VideoGamer)

To slide in Palworld, all you need to do is hold down the ‘C’ key on your keyboard while you’re going downhill or after sprinting with the ‘Shift’ key. Gravity will kick in and you will be propelled down the slope. On Xbox, sprint by pressing LS and then hold down the B button (crouch button) to switch to a slide. These offer decent speed boosts depending on the terrain.

While this is all well and good, there is a bigger and better reason to master the slide in Palworld, and this is because you can use the slide to build up to a massive jump followed by a glide. Doing this technique will let you launch yourself into the air and then glide at a much faster speed than normal gliding.

How to perform the power slide and glide trick

Gliding in Palworld
Using the parachute to glide in Palworld (Image taken by VideoGamer)

To do this trick, you will need to have a Parachute and a clear runway to test the technique out on.

  • Start by sprinting downhill, and press the C key as you sprint.
  • This will initiate a power slide, and you should do this for a few seconds to gather momentum.
  • As you approach a ledge, jump during the slide and deploy your glider.
  • You will now deploy your parachute and take off at a much faster speed than if you simply jumped and opened your glider from a standing jump.

To perfect this sliding jump, you need to get your timing on when you jump perfect. You want to do it as you approach a ledge and have given yourself enough room to gather speed.

You can use this technique if you want to get somewhere in a hurry or to clear a huge distance almost half the time than if you ran or used your glider normally. As a note, using a glider in Palworld takes stamina, and so when you land you won’t be able to perform a slide on landing if you’ve used up all your available stamina.

✓ pro tip

How do I get a Parachute?

You can craft a glider fairly easily from the start of the game. All you need is some cloth, which can be farmed by killing or catching some Pals near the start area. Cloth can also be found in chests.

While this trick is handy for getting around, there are other tools like the grappling hook or flying Pals that can get you where you need to go with ease. That’s all you need to know about how to slide in Palworld. For more, make sure you read our guides covering the fastest mounts in Palworld and how to get Leather for all your crafting needs. Now try the slide across cliffs and other terrain on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

How to slide in Palworld FAQs

Can you do the slide trick on Xbox?

Yes! The button to slide on an Xbox controller is ‘B’. Press this button while running to begin a slide.

Does the slide and glide trick require stamina in Palworld?

Yes, you’ll need enough stamina to use the glider to take advantage of this move.

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