Palworld best farming Pals – gathering much-needed materials

Palworld best farming Pals – gathering much-needed materials
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Are you wondering who the best farming Pals are in Palworld? There are plenty of resources to gather but only some can be obtained through farming. Build a ranch and get to work on gathering these materials as soon as possible.

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Farming is an often overlooked skill that a Pal can have. Pals with this work suitability skill will always drop you items when assigned to the ranch. So what items are we farming? Here are the best farming Pals in Palworld.

Best Pals for farming in Palworld

There aren’t a ton of Pals that you can assign to your ranch. Luckily, there are some good materials that you can obtain from the ones that can be assigned to this structure. We believe the best of these to be the following:

  1. Mau
  2. Mozzarina
  3. Beegarde
  4. Vixy
  5. Flambelle

Each of these Pals will drop necessary materials for you that you can use to further your survival experience. Let’s break down what makes these Pals great.


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Mau is mainly found in caves and dungeons around Palpagos Island. While this Pal may be a rare sight if you haven’t ventured into caves, it is well worth searching for. Mau harvests gold when assigned to a farm and is one of the best ways to get gold in Palworld. Assign multiple to your ranch and you will be swimming in a shimmering sea of moneybags.

Searching dungeons

Mau is actually a very common spawn in dungeons. Because of this, you can often get Mau early in the game by going to the dungeon near the Rayne Tower.


Mozzarina is a large cow-like Pal with a focus on getting you milk. If you consider yourself a master of the Pal culinary arts, you should get a Mozzarina for your camp. Multiple recipes call for this white nectar and Mozzarina is the only Pal that can deliver it. Allowing one or two to graze around your ranch is much easier than hunting them all.


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Beegarde is another Pal to have around if you are a culinary master who filets Pals. This is because Beegarde gets you honey – another material required in food. Honey is found in very few places so it is always good to have a few Beegarde for your camp if you are in need of it.


Vixy is one of the best early-game Pals you can find because it can get you an infinite number of Pal Spheres. This Pal, when assigned to a ranch, will dig up Pal Spheres and arrows. This is great for the early game for catching a lot of Pals and is a great way to get a consistent amount of arrows.


A screenshot of a game screen showing various items with your best farming pals.
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The last Pal on the list is Flambelle. This Pal drops Flame Organs when assigned to a Ranch which is great for if you like to use fire ammo or need Pal materials which happens fairly often. The only issue is that Flambelle is a late-game Pal. We were lucky and obtained one early in the game from an egg that we discovered.

Those are the best farming Pals. Be sure to check out the best planting Pals in Palworld. You can also check out the best Pals to have on your team in our Pal tier list.

Palworld best farming Pals – FAQ

What is the farming work suitability in Palworld?

The farming work suitability allows Pals to graze on your ranch, earning you additional items.

How do you get Milk in Palworld?

You can get milk by allowing a Mozzarina to graze at your Ranch.