Palworld best tower order to fight bosses – How to beat Zoe, Lily, Axel, Marcus, and Victor

Palworld best tower order to fight bosses – How to beat Zoe, Lily, Axel, Marcus, and Victor
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Are you wondering what is the best tower order in Palworld? What is the best order to fight the bosses of Palpagos Island? There are five boss fights for you to take on, each being tougher than the last. These fierce opponents will be a real challenge to beat.

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Get ready to put yourself and your Pals to the ultimate test. Can you take down these bosses? Here is the best tower order in Palworld.

Best boss order in Palworld – How to beat each boss

When fighting the bosses, there is a specific order you should fight them in based off the health they have and how strong their attacks are. Because of this, we believe the bosses should be fought in this order:

  1. Zoe and Grizzbolt – Rayne Syndicate Tower
  2. Lily and Lyleen – Free Pal Alliance Tower
  3. Axel and Orserk – Eternal Pyre Tower
  4. Marcus and Faleris
  5. Victor and Shadowbeak – Pal genetic research unit tower

Let’s break down the different bosses. Below, we mention what each boss’s weakness is and how to beat them.

Zoe and Grizzbolt – Rayne Syndicate Tower boss

Discover the best tower order in Pokemon Zoe & Grizzbolt.
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Zoe and Grizzbolt is the first tower boss in the game and the boss that you fight at the end of the game’s tutorial.

  • Weakness: Ground
  • Pal element: Electric
  • HP: Around 30,000
  • Recommended level: 12 – 15

Zoe and Grizzbolt mainly sticks to electric-type pal, so a ground-type Pal is preferred for this fight as they will receive the least amount of damage from these attacks. Be sure to teach your Pal strong ground element skills that you can utilize for the fight.

As you progress through the battle, Grizzbolt will use both ranged and melee moves. For starters, he will shoot electric orbs. These move slowly and can easily be avoided if you are the target. The other main move he uses is a strong electric slam. Dodge as Grizzbolt comes down to avoid taking damage. Stick to the pillars to avoid most of the attacks and use your strongest weapon against this boss. We recommend the poison bow or crossbow to help knock its health down with a status effect.

Lily and Lyleen – Free Pal Alliance Tower boss

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Lily & Lyleen is the second boss you should fight and can be found in the northeastern snow area. Here you will find the Free Pal Alliance Tower which is the home to this boss.

  • Weakness: Fire
  • Pal element: Grass
  • HP: Around 68,000
  • Recommended level: 26 – 32

Lyleen has quite a few moves but mainly sticks to grass-type pal moves. For starters, this Pal will use hurricane to send out strong gale-force winds. This strong move will heavily damage you or your Pal. When you see this move being used, withdraw your Pal to avoid damage and send them back out after they are free from the gusts.

Other moves that Lyleen will use are a poison blast and an AOE seed burst. The seed burst is another devastating move as it hits multiple times. If you get targeted by Lyleen’s poison blast, it will try to chase you down before using it. Use this to your advantage and keep running to have Lyleen get stuck targeting you. If done right, your Pal will be able to get a lot of hits in before you need to avoid the attack.

Be sure to use fire-type Pals for this fight as they will deal the most damage. We found ice-type moves to be help as well with slowing down Lyleen to get some extra hits in.

Axel and Orserk – Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre

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  • Weakness: Ground or ice
  • Pal Element: Electric/dragon
  • HP: 130,000
  • Recommended Level: 34 – 40

Axel and Orserk are a tough duo to beat if you aren’t prepared. We recommend waiting until you unlock stronger weapons like the Single-Shot Rifle or the Shotgun before taking them on. Remember, you only have 10 minutes to deplete this boss’ 130,000 point health bar.

Since Orserk is an electric and dragon-type Pal, you will want to bring a ground or ice-type Pal into the fight. We prefer Pals like Reindrix and Warsect as they are both very powerful against this boss. You will need to deal with multiple attacks throughout the battle such as a dragon breath, electric shots, and more. Be careful of the electricity as it will stun you, leaving you vulnerable.

Marcus and Faleris – Tower of the PIDF

  • Weakness: Water
  • Pal Element: Fire
  • HP: 147,000
  • Recommended Level: 45 – 50

Marcus and Faleris are a powerful duo that you don’t want to take it easy on. We recommend waiting until you are almost level 50 to take them on since they are very strong. Going into this fight with a strong water-type Pal is a must. Consider breeding or catching a Jormuntide for this battle as it is the strongest water-type in the game. Throughout the fight, you will want to use the pillars for cover and attack from a distance with a strong weapon like a rocket launcher or an assault rifle.

Victor and Shadowbeak – PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower

  • Weakness: Dragon
  • Pal Element: Dark
  • HP: 200,000
  • Recommended Level: 50

The final boss in the game is Victor and Shadowbeak. This pair is the most powerful duo you will fight and we recommend you come prepared by being max level before coming here. Since Shadowbeak is a dark-type Pal, you will want to bring a strong dragon-type Pal to the fight. Again, Jormuntide is good here. Lifesteal is another bonus that you might want to bring with you to help get health back for you and your Pals.

That is everything you need to know about taking on the Palworld bosses. Be sure to check out our other Palworld guides like our best breeding combinations guide for Palworld. You can also check out how to get Anubis in Palworld.

Palworld best boss order – FAQ

What is the best level to fight Zoe and Grizzbolt in Palworld?

You should challenge the first boss at around levels 12 – 15. The boss itself is level 10 with a large health pool so having the extra levels helps.

What is the best level to fight Lily and Lyleen in Palworld?

You should challenge the second boss around levels 26 – 32. This boss has significantly more health than Grizzbolt and you will need the extra damage.