How to get Palworld tomato seeds easily – Our top 3 methods

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Wondering how to get tomato seeds in Palworld? Farming is an essential part of expanding your base and keeping yourself and your pals happy in Pocketpair’s survival RPG. One of the best foods for the job is the tomato, but if you want to start earning them sustainably, you’re going to need to find some seeds to grow the plants from.

Here, we’ll cover how to get tomato seeds in Palworld, where you can find them in the wild, and what your best options for collecting them are. Be sure to check out our Palworld beginners guide or our picks for the best farming pals and best mining pals if you want to get to grips with the game faster.

How to get Palworld tomato seeds easily: Meeting a wandering merchant.
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Methods to find tomato seeds in Palworld

There are three reliable options for getting tomato seeds in Palworld.

  • Drops from certain enemies.
  • Purchases from merchants.
  • Catching specific Pals.

If you’re aiming not to spend a penny, we’d recommend fighting enemies for a chance at this item. But Pals offer a higher chance of getting tomato seeds in Palworld. Your other option is to seek out merchants. Note that Black Marketeer merchants won’t be selling them, but normal traveling merchants or vendors in settlements will have a chance to do so.

They’ll also refresh their inventories from time to time. The Wandering Merchants of the Desiccated Desert and Fisherman’s Point are good places to start though. Tomatoes cost 150 Gold while Tomato Seeds cost 200 Gold.

And as you build your Paldeck, you can find Pals that have a chance of dropping tomato seeds. The following Pals can drop tomato seeds in Palworld:

  • Broncherry – Can be found near the Ascetic Falls and Deep Bamboo fast travel points.
  • Dinossom Lux – Can be found near the Duneshelter fast travel point. Watch out for the level 47 Alpha Pal variant in the Dessicated Desert region when you go through the Furthest Mineshaft.
  • Mossanda – Can be found near the Mossanda Forest fast travel point (of course).
  • Vaelet – I’d recommend trying to get tomato seeds from other Pals because this one’s a Field Alpha Boss.
  • Wumpo Botan – This one is another Field Alpha Boss that appears at the Wilderness at Level 38 and has a one-hour respawn cooldown. It can be found in the Wilderness Sanctuary 2 near the Forgotten Island fast travel point. Head southwest and you should find it.

All options are fairly easy strategies once you’ve done some exploration but we recommend going for Pals. Of course, when you’ve gotten far enough on the technology tree, you can also unlock a tomato plantation box, which will allow you to grow your own from then on.

Did you know?

You can unlock the tomato plantation at level 34 on the tech tree. Like other plantation boxes, pals with the right skills can then automatically plant, water, and harvest tomatoes for you.

How to get Palworld tomato seeds easily: Tomato plantation on tech tree.
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Best Pals to plant tomato seeds in Palworld

Plant them in a Tomato Plantation (5x Pal Fluids, 3x Tomato Seeds, 70x Wood, and 60x Stone). These will produce tomatoes infinitely as long as a Pal is working on it. Now that’s done, here are the best Pals for the tasks that accompany tomato seeds in Palworld:

  • Planting – Look for the best planting Pals like Mossanda, Lyleen, and Elizabee. The first option even has a chance of dropping tomato seeds themselves.
  • Watering – The best watering Pals in Palworld like Azurobe, Penking, and Surfent are good picks.
  • Gathering – Finally, go for the best gathering Pals in Palworld like Verdashm Beegarde, and Elizabee. The last one is good at Planting too.

Are tomatoes a good source of food in Palworld

Tomatoes are a great source of food in Palworld, and a crucial ingredient for more filling late-game meals. We’d strongly recommend that you get your hands on tomato seeds once you’re around level 35+ if you’re able to, as it’ll streamline the process of keeping large bases and hungry pals well-fed. It’s a solid alternatives to berry plantations and hunting for lettuce seeds. Here’s what you can make with tomatoes, a recipe, a Cooking Pot, and a Kindling Pal in Palworld:

  • Omelet – Boosts attack by 10% for a short time. Needs 2x Egg and 1x Tomato.
  • Rendrix Stew – Fills Satiety for a long time. Needs 1x Rendrix Venison and 2x Tomato

That’s everything you need to know about how to get tomato seeds in Palworld, and whether the end result is worth it. Still looking for more? Why not check out how to buy and sell pals, or all the best lumbering pals you should try to collect?

Palworld tomatoes FAQ

Are tomatoes a good source of food in Palworld?

Yes, tomatoes are a fantastic source of food, especially when cooked.

Are tomato seeds easy to farm in Palworld?

If you’ve got a tomato plantation set up, using pals with farming skills can make it easy and automatic to farm tomatoes.

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