Palworld best cooling Pals – 5 best ice-type Pals

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Are you looking for the best cooling Pals in Palworld? Each of the work suitability skills is important to have around your camp. The cooling ability lets your Pal cool down the cooler box and the refrigerator to keep your food fresh.

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The Pals that we have in this list are all proficient with the cooling skill but also have skills like handiwork and transporting which are also useful. Here are the best cooling Pals in Palworld.

Best Pals for cooling in Palworld

There are plenty of good Pals that you can find if you know where to look. You can find them in the wild or hatch them from eggs. Below are the Pals that we think are the best at the cooling work suitability.

  1. Penking
  2. Frostallion
  3. Reindrix
  4. Vanwyrm Cryst
  5. Sweepa

Get cooling early

You can get a Pal with the cooling ability pretty early by catching Pengullet. If you want a stronger Pal, you can battle the Penking boss at around level 15. This will get you an early cooling Pal that is also strong.

Let’s break down what makes each Pal so good at the job.


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Penking is one of the earlier Pals you can get in the game. With a lot of work suitability skills, this Pal is one of the best for your camp early on. It can use the mining, handiwork, transporting, watering, and cooling skills – all of which are level two.


Frostallion will take you a while to get but if you want a strong ice-type Pal, look no further. Not only is Frostallion very strong, but it also has a level four cooling skill that is great for those who tend to store a lot of food at camp.


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When you finally reach the snowy mountains, you will be able to get Reindrix. This strong ice-type Pal is great for camp and specializes in only two skills; cooling and lumbering. When this Pal isn’t cooling down your camp, it will be gathering wood at your lumber mill.

Vanwyrm Cryst

Vanwyrm Cryst is another later-game Pal who is not only a mount but a strong Pal to have on your team. In your base, this Pal can use the cooling and transporting skills. After cooling down your base and keeping your food from spoiling, Vanwyrm Cryst will transport goods to your storage to keep your base tidy.


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The final Pal on the list is Sweepa. This tanky Pal is great for your base and is great at two skills; cooling and gathering. The cooling skill will help keep everything cold around your base while the gathering skill will allow it to help out with gardening. It is also a good base defender should you get raided.

Best ice-type Pals in Palworld

When it comes to strength, the list of ice-type Pals looks pretty different. The following Pals are the strongest ice-types in the game:

  1. Frostallion
  2. Ice Reptyro
  3. Reindrix
  4. Cryolinx
  5. Foxcicle

Each of these Pals is a very strong ice-type that you should have on your team if you are looking to have an ice-type in your party.

Those are the best cooling Pals. Others that we didn’t mention are Sibelyx, Chillet, Cryolinx, and Foxcicle. You might also want to check out our best Pals tier list so you can build a strong team. Be sure to also check out the best planting Pals in Palworld.

Palworld best cooling Pals – FAQ

What is the cooling work suitability in Palworld?

The cooling work suitability allows Pals to cool down food that is placed in the cooling box and refrigerator.

Is cooling necessary in Palworld?

While the cooling skill is needed to level up your base, it is not required to play the game or keep your base functional. You can run your base without the cooling skill.

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