Palworld max level and level cap explained: What is the max level in Palworld?

Palworld max level and level cap explained: What is the max level in Palworld?
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Wondering what the Palworld max level is? We’ve got you covered! The game allows players to catch and work with Pals as you build and survive, all while leveling up your avatar. The higher the level, the more things you can do, so it behooves all players to level up. Most games have a level cap that prevents players from leveling up without anything to gain from it. Is Palworld like that, and what’s the max level in Palworld?

What’s the highest level in Palworld?

Palworld’s current max level is 50. Once you reach that level, you can go no further. If you craft things, defeat a boss, or continue to catch high-level Pals, your level will not change. The game is in early access phase right now, and the developers have plans to make major updates in the future, but it’s unclear whether or not a new max level cap is in their plans.

Higher level cap is likely, but has not been confirmed. Since a lot of current Palworld players have already reached level 50, and many did so shortly after the Jan. 19 release, there’d be a lot of reason to increase Palworld’s level cap.

Your character’s level is very important in Palworld. The maximum level cap comes with unlocking plenty of things. For example, at level 7, you unlock the egg incubator, which is how you can get a really good work Pal. At the highest level, everything, including all stats for your player character, is available.

Zach’s Tips

The leveling system in Palworld works just as any other game: get XP for doing almost anything. The survival game will grant you experience points for picking up new items, catching Pals, battling dungeons, and much more.

What’s the max base level in Palworld?

Your base also has a Palworld max level cap, and it differs from your own. Whereas you can grind your character to level 50, your base can only reach level 15. After that, you won’t be able to progress your base anymore. Fortunately, you can have more than one base!

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What is level sync in Palworld?

The level sync system in Palworld refers to how the developers keep the game balanced. Once you defeat Pal, the Pals’ levels will sync to your own so that you can use them. If you happen to catch a high level Pal, once it’s in your party, it becomes more accurate to your own level.

This ultimately means there’s no reason to even try to get those uber strong Pals since their level won’t remain the same. You could catch a Level 35 Pal when you’re on Level 18, but it wouldn’t stay as a high level Pal unfortunately.

That’s all you need to know about the max level in Palworld, to reach the next level, take a look at our guide on how to level up fast, Palworld dupe glitch and how to farm spheres.

Palworld max level FAQs

How high can I level in Palworld?

In the early access, the highest your player can level up is level 50 in Palworld.

Will the Palworld max level change?

The developers have not revealed intentions on changing the Palworld maximum level.