How to farm Pal Spheres in Palworld – All types, tricks, and crafting methods

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Palworld requires you to catch Pals, which means you need some spheres to accomplish that goal. Having loads of Pals at your disposal is key for the game, but it’s not something you can do without the game’s version of Poké Balls. However many of the little critters you plan on catching, you need a whole lot more spheres since they can and often do fail. Here’s how to farm them and how to craft them.

✓ At a Glance
  • Catch a few Vixy.
  • Return camp and build a Ranch.
  • Assign Vixy to the Ranch and Vixy will dig up Pal Spheres.

How to farm Pal Spheres without crafting

Nothing is more enjoyable than finding items you need lying around, and Pal Spheres are no different. Here’s how to farm Pal Spheres with the help of Vixy.

  1. Travel to the Small Settlement near spawn
  2. Find a Pal named Vixy. These neutral Pals are fairly simple to catch.
  3. Catch a few of them and return to your camp.
  4. Build a Ranch (50 Wood, 20 Stone, and 30 Fiber).
  5. Assign all Vixy to the Ranch. Wait for them to dig up Pal Spheres.
  6. Note that different Pals dig up different items and Vixy can dig up Pal Spheres, Arrows, and Gold.
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How to craft Pal Spheres

Fortunately, if you’re not getting as many spheres from the farming technique, you can take matters into your own hands. Crafting Pal Spheres can be done at any Workbench. You can craft the Primitive Workbench at Level 2. You’ll need the following materials for a basic Pal Sphere – 1 Paldium Fragment, 5 Wood, and 5 Stone. The next section covers the other types of harder to acquire Pal Spheres.

Once you have them in your inventory, you are free to use them to catch all the wild Pals you’d like. Wood and Stone are easy to obtain, but Paldium Fragments are a bit harder. If you’re running low, run back to the sphere workbench to craft regular spheres (or any of the different types of pal spheres that you need) and continue on!

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All types of Pal Spheres and how to make them

You can also make Mega Spheres, Legendary Spheres, Regular Pal Spheres, and Giga Spheres further on in the game to catch higher level Pal and use some of the better Pal Spheres in the entire game. This will let you sidestep the requirements of lowering Pal health or inflicting them with status ailments to enhance your capture rate. We’ve also got a guide on how to catch Pals in Palworld. Here’s a detailed table of all the types of Pal Spheres.

Type of Pal SphereLevel to unlockCrafting cost
Basic Pal Sphere2Paldium Fragment x1, Wood x5, Stone x5
Mega Pal Sphere14Paldium Fragment x2, Ingot x1, Wood x7, Stone x7
Giga Pal Sphere20Paldium Fragment x3, Ingot x3, Wood x10, Stone x10
Hyper Pal Sphere27Paldium Fragment x5, Ingot x5, Wood x12, Cement x2
Ultra Pal Sphere35Paldium Fragment x7, Refined Ingot x8, Carbon Fiber x3, Cement x3
Legendary Pal Sphere44Paldium Fragment x10, Pal Metal Ingot x10, Carbon Fiber x5, Cement x5

Basic Spheres are very common and you’ll find and get these easily. Mega Spheres and Hyper Spheres can be good and give you a significantly higher catch rate for certain higher level Pals. If you’re wondering how to get these resources and any rare material you need, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to get Ingots in Palworld, followed by Wood and Stone. You’ll need the latter to make Cement at Level 19. And here are the best Coal locations to make Carbon Fiber.

✓ Save up the best Pal Spheres for the toughest Pals

Low-level Pals can easily be captured with a basic Pal Sphere. But if you’re on the hunt for exotic legendaries like Jetragon, consider Legendary Pal Spheres instead.

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How to get Paldium Fragments

Paldium Fragments can be acquired from blue Paldium rocks. These glowing blue rocks can be found in multiple spots. But they tend to be found near rivers and other water bodies. Dungeon caves have larger deposits that let you get more of this resource. Once you damage them, they will drop Paldium Fragments for you to use. Some normal gray rocks found around the land also can contain Paldium Fragments, but that’s a pretty rare drop.

You can also use a Crusher at your base to convert regular Stone to Paldium. Note that you’ll need 5 Stone to get one Paldium Fragment. The best way to break these rocks is to use a Stone Pickaxe. This is a starting tool that only costs five Stone and five Wood to make. It doesn’t require as much stamina, either.

Craft as many Pal Spheres as you can so you don’t get stuck out in the wild trying to catch a Pal and run out of the Pal Spheres. Always keep plenty of them on you because you don’t want to see a rare Pal and be unable to catch it.

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