How to care for Pals in Palworld – Treat injured, depressed, and sick Pals

How to care for Pals in Palworld – Treat injured, depressed, and sick Pals
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Are you wondering how to care for Pals in Palworld? How do you treat your injured, depressed, and sick Pals? Just because you put them to work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for them as well. Give them some medicine so they can get back to work.

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There are plenty of status effects that can befall a Pal if you don’t pay attention to it. Give your Pals the love and attention they deserve. Here is how to care for Pals in Palworld and ensure their well-being so they can remain useful.

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All Pal Injuries and Sicknesses in Palworld

There are plenty of sicknesses and injuries that can affect your Pals in Palworld. These include the following:

  • Hungry
  • Starving
  • Cold
  • Sprain
  • Overfull
  • Weakened
  • Ulcer
  • Depressed
  • Incapacitated
  • Fracture

Each of these negative effects reduces the work speed of your Pals and can even make them incapable of working. Because of this, it is important that you keep your Pals’ sanity high. It is important for your survival and theirs, especially when exploring. Luckily, you can aid these status effects through crafting.

How to treat injured and sick Pals in Palworld

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There are different types of medicines that you can craft to help your Pals. To craft medicine you need to create a Medieval Medicine Workbench. Once you have this, you can craft medicine for your Pals. Keep in mind that the medicine you craft only cures ailments and does not restore HP. You also cannot use the medicine to restore player HP.

The medicines you can craft include:

MedicineResourcesWhat it cures
Low-Grade Medical SuppliesRed Berries, HornsCold, Sprain, Overfull
Medical SuppliesIngots, Horns, BonesUlcer, Fracture
High-Grade Medical SuppliesIngots, Horns, BonesWeakened, Depressed
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Keep a steady supply of food

You can build various farms for your Pals that they can use to get sustanence and prevent hunger. Be sure to also build a food bowl so your Pals have a place to eat and can remain well fed. You can also build a feed bag to give them further options. Make sure to always fill these bowls with food items.

You do need a lot of berries, so consider making a berry plantation. On top of the medicine you can craft, you can also make supplements. These include suspicious Juice and Strange Juice. These increase work speed at the cost of your Pals’ SAN so be careful about using them.

How to help depressed Pals in Palworld

Pals can get depression in Palworld. When this happens, their productivity goes down and they work slower. To help with this, you can craft a medicine that is designed to cure them of depression. Specifically, High-Grade Medical Supplies are needed to cure a depressed Pal. These are made from Ingots, Horns, and Bones.

That is everything you need to know about caring for your Pals. Be sure to check out our Palworld Beginner’s Guide so you know how to survive on Palpagos Island. You can also check out the best mining Pals for your camp.

Palworld Treat Pals – FAQ

How do you treat depression in Palworld?

You can treat depression by giving your Pal High-Grade Medical Supplies.

What is SAN in Palworld?

SAN is your Pals’ sanity. The more they work, the more this stat meter decreases and the more likely they are to get injured or sick.