Palworld – Depresso locations, where to catch, skills, and drops

Palworld – Depresso locations, where to catch, skills, and drops
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Trying to find Palworld Depresso pals? With around 100 different species of pals to collect in Pocketpair’s survival RPG, it’s not always easy to track down and catch new additions to bolster your factories and menageries. One such pal you might want to get your hands on is the Depresso.

Here, we’ll go over where to find the Palworld Depresso pal, how to catch it, and what it can offer you. If you’re on the hunt for other Pals too, be sure to check out where you can find the Verdash pal or the Sibelyx pal, among others, to complete your collection.

Now, this is where to catch Depresso in Palworld and where to find it.

Depresso locations in Palworld

Depresso can be found on all the small grassy islands in the north and south between Mount Obsidian and the Dessicated Desert. As a Dark-type pal, they only spawn at nighttime.

This includes the starting peninsula, its island, and the islands immediately adjacent to its west and east, making the Depresso a pretty easy pal to come across. The key is that it only comes out during the night. We’d recommend bringing either a torch or a Fire-type Pal with you to help with visibility while hunting for it.

Palworld how to find and catch Depresso pals explained: map of depresso spawn islands
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How do you capture a Depresso in Palworld?

Once you’ve located it, the capture method is the same as ever. Wear the creature down with concentrated attacks until it’s low on health, and then throw a Pal Spherel at it to capture it. You’ll only need standard-grade Pal Spheres, so don’t worry about getting Mega Spheres or Giga Spheres in this case. Once captured, it’ll be added to your party if there’s space, or to the nearest base terminal if not.

Palworld how to find and catch Depresso pals explained: Finding Depresso
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Depresso Skills and Material drops

Depresso is a Dark-type Pal which prefers to live nocturnally, though can operate in daylight hours at a base if necessary. It’s got a food rating of two, so shouldn’t consume much more than your other pals in the early game. Its base skills include:

It’s a good fit for small bases and outposts that simply require an extra pair of hands-on basic tasks. When captured or defeated, the Depresso has a chance to drop a Venom Sack, a useful ingredient in creating some poison weapons and decorations like carpets, as well as a few late-game items.

That covers everything you should need to know about Palworld Depresso pals, where to find them, and what they can offer you. Be sure to check out our Palworld beginners guide and our catalogs on the best handiwork pals and best mining pals if you’re still looking to learn more about the game.

Palworld Depresso FAQs

How do I get to Depresso?

You can reach Depresso on the starting island. It can only be found at night time, but there will be plenty of the around near the beach and towards the first Tower.

What Pals are good against Depresso?

Depresso is a dark-type Pal so dragon-type Pals are strong against it. Use Pals like Relaxaurus, Chillet, or Dinossom to battle it.