Palworld – where to find Wheat Seeds and Wheat to make bread

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When it comes to surviving Palworld, you might come across Wheat Seeds as a key ingredient to make some tasty food, specifically, this is needed for bread.

Eating food lets you restore your hunger bar, which will drain the more you perform actions like crafting, running, or chopping trees down. To make Wheat, you will need to find Wheat Seeds, and finding them is the first hurdle.

For more Palworld, we have guides covering how many bases you can build and how to get Leather. Now, this is how to get Wheat Seeds in Palworld and where you can find it.

Where to find Wheat Seeds in Palworld

Palword wheat seeds in the menu
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Wheat Seeds are found by killing or catching specific Pals. To get Wheat Seeds, you will need to squash down that guilt and start chopping through some innocent Pals to make that bread. As a note, you don’t have to kill them, you can get them to drop Wheat Seeds after capturing them, so it’s really up to you. So far, the Pals we’ve found that drop Wheat Seeds are:

  • Bristla
  • Dinossom
  • Cinnamoth
  • Flopie
  • Caprity

Bristla, Dinossom, Cinnamoth, Flopie, and Caprity all drop Wheat Seeds when you kill them or capture them. To start your burgeoning wheat business, you will only need three Wheat Seeds to build a Wheat Plantation. Can’t find any Bristla or Cinnamoths? We’ve had the most encounters with them to the north.

How to get Wheat Seeds from Pals

For Wheat Seeds, you want to look for Bristla, along with Cinnamoth, and they can be found to the north of the starting island. The area where we found Bristla and Cinnamoth spawn is fairly far away from the main starting island, so you will have to hoof it over there to find some Wheat Seeds. Their base level is about 16 – 20, so make sure you’re prepared. You will know you’re on the right path if you come across a gigantic stone bridge leading to a narrow path between two mountains. Use the image of the map below to find it.

This map in Palworld shows the location of where you can find Wheat Seeds
This map in Palworld shows the location of where you can find Wheat Seeds. (Image taken by VideoGamer)

If you’ve come across any other Pal that might drop Wheat seeds or you want to find out more options, you can check in your Paldex each Pal you’ve found and what they drop. In order to see the items each Pal drops, you will need to capture or kill one first.

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How to get Wheat Seeds from Merchants

Outside of killing and catching Pals for Wheat Seeds, you can get them from Travelling Merchants. You can find a merchant selling Wheat Seeds in the Small Settlement, which can be found to the west of the starting island.

What are Wheat Seeds used for in Palworld?

Using a Wheat Plantation in Palworld
A wheat plantation in Pal World (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Wheat Seeds are required to craft a Wheat Plantation. It should also come as no surprise that Wheat Seeds are needed to make, you guessed it, Wheat. After making Wheat, you can turn it into flour and then eventually turn that into bread.

To start baking bread and getting a nice meal, you will need a Wheat Plantation and a Mill. Once you have both of these things, your mass production of bread can begin. Here are the materials you will need:

CraftingMaterials Needed
Wheat PlantationWheat Seeds x3, Wood x35, Stone x35
MillWood x50, Stone x40

With your Wheat Plantation crafted, approach it and begin planting seeds. Once the seeds are planted, you have to water them. Give them about one in-game day and you will have harvestable Wheat to collect. To speed this process up, you can set the Pals in your base with matching Work Suitability. You will want Planting, Harvesting, and Watering to cover all your needs.

With your newly-grown Wheat, you have to build a Mill to turn the Wheat into Flour. This process is simple and you just need to hold down a button until the crafting is complete. Make as much Flour as you want and then take the flour to a Cooking Pot and cook that flour into Bread. As a food source, Bread is great at restoring SAN and since it is super easy to obtain it makes a great way to keep every Pal happy and full.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Wheat Seeds in Palworld. For more, make sure you read our guides covering beginner tips and how to get high-quality Pal oil.

Palworld – where to find Wheat Seeds FAQS

What is Wheat used for in Palworld?

Wheat is used only to make Flour in Palworld. From this, you use it to make bread, a fairly decent food resource for you and your Pals.

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