How to catch and weaken Pals in Palworld – 6 ways to increase your catch rate

How to catch and weaken Pals in Palworld – 6 ways to increase your catch rate
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Need to know how to catch Pals in Palworld? The most important part of the game, gathering Pals and using them to help you survive, can only be accomplished if you know how to catch new ones.

Palworld is filled with Pals for you to survive alongside. Whether you got them through breeding Pals or from catching them in the wild, their assistance is needed. But, if you’re just starting in the world, it can be tough to get new Pals to join your party.

How do you catch Pals in Palworld, and craft the Pal Spheres needed to get them? We’re here to explain catching Pals for you and make it as simple as possible so you can continue enjoying the game currently taking the world by storm!

How to catch Pals in Palworld

In order to catch a Pal out in the wild, you’ll need to throw a Pal Sphere at a wild Pal once they’re low on health. The default key to throw a Pal Sphere is the Q key. This is an open world sort of game, so you can go up to the Pals and throw your Spheres at them from anywhere for the most part. If you’re looking to head on a collecting spree, here’s how to make and farm Pal Spheres in Palworld with Paldium fragments, Wood, and Stone.

A player throwing a Pal Sphere in Palworld
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How to increase chances of catching Pals in Palworld

Catching Pals is not as simple as just throwing the ball at it. Much like in Pokémon games, you might catch it doing that but the chances are very low. To increase the chances of it successfully catching, fight the Pal first with your own.

The lower the health, the more likely you are to catch them. Don’t bring the health down to zero, though, or else it will be incapacitated. This is similar to how Poké Balls work in Pokémon. If you fail to catch the Pal after throwing it, the Pal Sphere will be destroyed and you will have to make another one.

Besides having low health, a Pal’s rarity can also make it harder to catch them. The rarer the Pal is, the more likely they will be to escape the Pal Sphere before you’ve caught them. If you trying to catch a high-level or rare pal, then try to have better spheres, such as the Mega Sphere or the Giga Sphere. This will increase your chances of catching your target Pal, since the basic sphere is best for low-level Pals. Legendary Pals like Jetragon are the hardest to catch.

Their level also affects the catch rate – the higher the level, the lower the catch rate.

Adjust world settings to enhance the odds of getting Pals in Palworld

If you really want the very best Pals, consider tinkering with the Pal Capture Setting slider in your world. This can potentially double the odds of you catching a Pal.

How to weaken a Pal in Palworld

To increase your percentage chance of catching a Pal, it’s best to first weaken the target Pal. There are a few different ways to weaken a Pal, which we have listed below –

  1. Bring stronger Pal spheres like Mega and Giga Spheres if you want to collect Pals.
  2. Increase your level as this raises the odds of capturing Pals.
  3. Use weapons and your Pals to weaken the target Pal. Lowering a Wild Pal’s health makes it easier to capture them.
  4. Use poison or freeze your target. Status effects make it easier to hunt Pals and collect them.
  5. Throw a Pal Sphere from behind to improve your odds of getting a new Pal.
  6. Increase your capture power with Lifmunk Effigies at a Statue of Power

That covers how to catch a Pal in Palworld. Use our tricks to improve your Pal capture rate. Pals are essential in the game, especially when it comes to effectively collecting resources like Leather in Palworld. The best Ore locations in Palworld will also require a base for optimal resource gathering.

Catching Pals FAQs

How do you catch wild Pals?

You can catch any wild Pal by throwing a Pal Sphere at it by pressing the Q key. Try to bring its health lower before throwing the Pal Sphere to increase the chance of catching it.

Do you lose a Pal Sphere if you fail to catch the Pal?

Yes, if you throw a Pal Sphere at a wild Pal and it breaks out of it, that Pal Sphere will be destroyed. You’ll need to throw a new one to try catching the Pal again.