How to get Gobfin in Palworld – Gobfin location and item drops

How to get Gobfin in Palworld – Gobfin location and item drops
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Are you wondering how to get Gobfin in Palworld? There are plenty of Pals to track down and if you want to get them all, you will need to put the work in.

Luckily, this Pal isn’t the most difficult Pal in the game to catch. It might be a bit tough, though. If you are looking for Pals, you might also want to know how to get Dumud in Palworld. You might also want to know the Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary locations. To be a great Pal Tamer, you need to get out there and catch as many Pals as you can. Try to catch each of them so you can be a true master. Now, this is how to get Gobfin in Palworld.

Where does Gobfin spawn in Palworld?

Gobfin can be found in Gobfin’s Turf near the central part of the map. This area is to the north of where the Penking Dungeon fight is and near where you can find the Alpha Warsect.

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To reach this area from the start of the game, you will need to head north and then head northwest past Islandhopper Coast. Because of the name, you can probably guess that this area is full of Gobfin, making it easy to catch this Pal. This also means that you will need to deal with battling a lot of Gobfin in the process. This Pal is an aggressive Pal that won’t hesitate to attack you. Keep this in mind while trying to catch it.

Strengths and weaknesses

Gobfin is a water-type Pal. This means that it is strong against fire-type Pals and weak to grass-type Pals. Keep this in mind as you try to catch one and use a Pal that can easily knock its health down. Avoid using a fire bow becuase it won’t deal much damage. Instead, stick to a normal or poison bow.

How to breed Gobfin in Palworld

Gobfin can be bred pretty early on in the game if you have the right Pals. If you are looking to breed this Pal, the following Pal combinations can be used:

Parent 1Parent 2

Gobfin drops, partner skill, and work suitability

Let’s break down the different stats that this Pal has. Here, we will go over the work suitability, partner skill, and drops that Gobin has.

  • Work Suitability:
    • Watering lvl 2
    • Handiwork lvl 1
    • Transporting lvl 1
  • Partner Skill:
    • Angry Shark – Attacks targeted enemy with a powerful aqua gun. While in the team, increases the player’s attack power.
  • Possible Drops:
    • Pal Fluids

Catching and defeating this Pal is a great way to get Pal Fluids. Unfortunately, that is the only drop that this Pal can give you. That’s all you need to know about how to get Gobfin in Palworld. For more, read our guide on how to get Daedream and how to get Verdash.

Palworld Gobfin location – FAQ

What are Gobfin’s weaknesses in Palworld?

Gobfin is weak to grass-type moves and Pals. Be sure to use a grass-type Pal against Gobfin to easily take it down.

What items does Gobfin drop in Palworld?

This Pal drops Pal Fluid. Defeating and catching this Pal is a great way to get Pal Fluids in the game.