Palworld – the best stats to upgrade and level first

Palworld – the best stats to upgrade and level first
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At its core, Palworld is a survival game which means you need to know about the best stats for you to upgrade.

Your character has six main stats, and each time you level up you are given points to allocate into these areas. Should you focus on one or spread them out evenly? We’re here to help answer that question.

Increasing your stats will enhance your abilities, making it refreshingly simple. For more Palworld, we have guides covering how to get Sibelyx, and how to get Verdash. Now, these are the best stats to upgrade in Palworld.

Best stats to upgrade in Palworld

Stat screen in Palworld
Stats shown in the inventory in Palworld (Image taken by VideoGamer)

The best stats to upgrade in Palworld are ones that will keep you going longer. Not all stats in Palworld are born equally, and some – especially when invested in early on – will provide you with a substantial boost to your abilities. All of these stats will increase by a certain amount depending on your Stat Point investment, but it is different for each stat.

For example, if you put one Stat Point into Attack, you will see the increase is one or two points. On the other hand, investing a single Stat Point into Weight or HP will see a considerably bigger boost. The difference between having 100 Attack and 105 Attack is nothing compared to going from 400 Weight to 550. Use this table below for our picks and recommendations for the best stats to upgrade in Palworld

Stat PriorityReason
HP1HP is your life-source, and depending on the difficulty you play on, you want to avoid death at all costs. Losing possessions on death is a bummer, so making sure you have a large HP pool is going to be worth your while no matter what.
Stamina2Stamina is the second most important stat in Palworld and we highly recommend upgrading. Stamina dictates sprinting, how much you can swing a tool, flying, climbing, and so on. All of these things will benefit from having more Stamina, so make sure you don’t forget about it.
Weight3Weight is the stat we recommend levelling as a third priority. Weight is extremely useful in the early stages of the game, simply because carrying more things at once makes you more efficient. Once you have a base set up, you don’t have to worry too much about it. But being restricted by constantly being overburdened is no fun.
Attack4The Attack stat should only be levelled if you find yourself taking the fight to Pals yourself. Generally speaking, your Pals will be the best source of damage against foes depending on your weapons. So investing in Attack is recommended if you want to dish out the damage too.
Work Speed5 / Not importantFor Work Speed, you should consider levelling this fairly early on in the game. The beauty of Pals in Palworld is that some of them can do your building for you. Building structures or crafting takes a while, and if you can passively have your Pals do it for you, you don’t really need any Work Speed investment. Work Speed can be ignored if you want.
Best stats to level in Palworld

All stats in Palworld, explained

Palworld - best stats to upgrade: Character stands in the base with a bat.

Not all stats in Palworld are born equally, and some – especially when invested in early on – will provide you with a substantial boost to your abilities. The main stats in Palworld are:

  • HP – Your HP. You collapse from fatigue if this reaches 0.
  • Stamina – You Stamina. Decreases while running or climbing. You can unable to run when this reaches 0.
  • Attack – Damage dealt increases as attack power increases.
  • Defense – Damage taken decreases as defense increases. (Cannot be upgraded with Stat Points)
  • Work Speed – Affects the efficiency of working on various tasks at base.
  • Weight – How much you can carry. Your movement will be slowed or stopped if you carry too much.

Every time you get a level, you can place a Stat Point into one of these Stats to increase it.

Why should I focus on these stats?

All of the stats in Palworld are useful to some degree, but if you focus on them in terms of priority of what you need at the moment, you shouldn’t ever have a hard time. We think the best stats to upgrade in Palworld are HP and Stamina, and then it’s a tie between Weight and Attack. So long as you have a deep pool of HP and Stamina, you should be fine almost always.

Generally speaking, having about 1,000 HP is a great place to stop with your HP. With this baseline, you can then start to branch out into other stats more frequently. Attack stat gains are extremely small, so they don’t provide a lot of value. If you wanted to, you could choose to completely ignore Work Speed as your Pals will do this for you.

Weight might not seem like the most important stat in Palworld, but it is always beneficial. Being able to carry a vast amount of resources for crafting or have your pockets lined with loot will go a long way in helping you progress through the game. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to decide which stack of items to leave behind or take back first, to then have to come back for the dropped materials.

How to upgrade stats in Palworld

As you play Palworld, you will earn EXP and level up. Each time you level up, you will gain Stat Points to distribute into the six main stat parameters, and doing so is through the character tab menu. To spend your Stat Points and upgrade your Stats, simply bring up the Inventory menu by pressing the Tab key on the keyboard. Move your cursor over to the right side of the screen and you will see a button that says ‘Enhance Stats’.

Click on the Enhance Stats tab and you can spend any Stat Points you have saved up. Click on the Plus next to the Stat you want to level to spend a Stat Point on it. There will also be a small notification under the Enhance Stat button that will tell you whether or not you have Stat Points to spend.

✓ PRo Tip

What about Defense?

Once again, Defense is a stat that cannot be upgraded with Stat Points. The only way to increase your Defense stat is to have different armour equipped. You will see a blue arrow pointing up next to your Defense if something is increasing it.

That’s all you need to know about the best stats to upgrade in Palworld. For more, make sure you read our guides covering the fastests mounts in Palworld and how to get Leather for all your crafting needs.

Palworld – best stats to upgrade FAQS

Can you reset stats in Palworld?

Yes, but to do so you will need an item called Memory Wiping Medicine. This will reset your Stat Points and let you respec.