Is Palworld on PS4 and PS5? PlayStation executive offers fresh glimmer of hope

Is Palworld on PS4 and PS5? PlayStation executive offers fresh glimmer of hope
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Looking to find out if Palworld is available on PS4 and PS5? PlayStation has plenty of titles to enjoy, but none quite like the Pokémon-like shooter Palworld.

Palworld has been a roaring success ever since its launch, on PC and Xbox as well as Xbox Game Pass, so it’s easy to see why so many fans are curious about the game being on PS4 and PS5. The game lets you join up with creatures called Pals to survive and craft your way through a harsh environment, and its similarities to Pokémon have garnered it a lot of attention. For more on the game, be sure to also check out if Palworld is multiplayer. But for now, let’s see if Palworld is on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Is Palworld available on PS4 and PS5?

At the time of writing, Palworld is not available for either PS4 or PS5 consoles. The game isn’t available for any PlayStation consoles just yet, being exclusive to PC and Xbox consoles. The early access went live on January 19, 2024, and was exclusive to PC – via the Xbox app and Steam – and Xbox consoles. It’s basically a Microsoft game, and it’s not on Sony’s console or the Nintendo Switch.

A player and Pals watering a garden in Palworld.
Image via Pocketpair

For the time being then, this is bad news for gamers interested in the open-world survival game who might have wanted to play on a Sony console. The game is not available for PS4 or PS5 at launch, leaving fans with those consoles unable to join in on the adventure and having to wait for news in the hopes the game might eventually make its way there later on.

Is Palworld coming to PS4 and PS5?

It’s currently unknown if Palworld will come to any PlayStation console, including PS4 and PS5. It’s exclusive for Xbox and PC currently, meaning it’s only available to those with those platforms. Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms can play it, so it’s not exactly a console exclusive, which could bring hope later of a PlayStation port. It’s made on Unreal Engine 5, which doesn’t exclude PlayStations.

PocketPair’s official FAQ on the game’s Steam page has offered the following on whether it may come to PlayStation consoles in the future. “We don’t have plans for this at the moment, but will consider it during development.” The game is being released in early access, with the full game release still a while away. In that time, it’s possible that Palworld will make its way over to PS4 and PS5, either during early access or at the full launch of the game. A PlayStation release isn’t impossible, but it’s not confirmed.

Developers Pocket Pair, who also did Craftopia, will release news about the game coming to PS5 and PS4 if the game is able to come to those consoles.

Give it a year

Palworld will remain in early access for at least a year according to the FAQ on the game’s Steam page. In this time before the full release, it’s possible that Pocketpair will bring the game over to PlayStation consoles.

Not long after the game’s first incredible milestone of selling over a million copies in its first day, the game was congratulated on the milestone on its Japanese language X (formerly Twitter) account by none other than former PlayStation boss and current head of SIE Independent Developer Initiative Shuhei Yoshida. Of course, the message was immediately responded to by an X user, begging Yoshida to bring the game to PS platforms, to which he responded simply “Yes” and tagged Jingwen (Gina) Zhu, a Partner Development executive for PlayStation.

While this isn’t confirmation by any means that it will come to PS just yet, it does likely indicate the company is keeping an eye on the game, and hopefully may indicate that PS are going to be in discussions behind the scenes to try and make this a reality. We’ll keep a close eye, and let you know if anything more comes of this.

We’ll update this article if any more news is released.

Palworld lets you explore a world full of Pals, powerful creatures that can help you survive and craft your way through the open world. However, it’s not all bright and cheery. Survival is tough. You may have to even eat your Pals just to avoid starving. Use your Pals for free labor in your factory, or enjoy a peaceful idyllic countryside with them. It’s up to you.

That’s everything you need to know about whether Palworld is on PS4 and PS5. Be sure to check out our game hub for Palworld so you can stay up to date with all the latest news for the game.

Palworld on PS4/PS5 FAQs

Will Palworld release on PS4/PS5?

The early access version of Palworld is not currently being released on PS5, only being available on PC and Xbox consoles.

Will Palworld ever be on PS4/PS5?

It’s unknown if Palworld will ever be brought to PS5 or PS4. No news has been released on whether the game is planning to be released on the console during early access, or at the full launch.