How to get Bones in Palworld – Best ways to farm Bones and where to find Bone Drops

How to get Bones in Palworld – Best ways to farm Bones and where to find Bone Drops
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Here’s how to get Bones in Palworld. Bones are a common material used to make many useful items in Palworld, such as the Meta Glider or Cement.

Although Bones are considered early resources just like Leather or Wool, you might find yourself running short on these materials if you don’t know exactly where and how to get them. Whether it’s for medicine, crafts, recipes, or whatever else, you need to know how to find these things.

For more Palworld, read our guides covering the best Ore farming locations and our Pal tier list. Now, this is how to get Bones in Palworld.

How to find Bones in Palworld

There are two ways to get Bones in Palworld: killing Pals and trading with Merchants.

You can’t harvest and farm Bones by any other means besides the two mentioned methods above. Unlike Leather and Wool, which you can get quite early in the game, Bones require a little extra effort to get since you have to travel out of the beginning zone (or respawn on other starter islands).

Not every type of Pal drops bones. There are more than ten Pals that can drop Bones on death, but Vixy and Rushoar are your best bet since they’re a bit easier to deal with. If you have extra money, then look for the Wandering Merchants dressed in red that roam around specific points on the map, or the Merchants (NPC) in the villages and settlements. Bones cost 100 Gold each. And if you’re short on cash, selling Pals is always an option.

The inclination early on might be to capture Pals with Pal spheres. Once you have some, you may consider killing them for bones, though, to save some of your coins. This is the only alternative method to killing Pals if you’re not too keen on that.

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What are Bones used for in Palworld

As for now, Bones are used to make the following:

  • Mega Glider
  • Cement
  • Medical Supplies
  • High-Grade Medical Supplies
  • Suspicious Juice
  • Strange Juice

The Mega Glider costs 50 Wood, 10 Bones, and 20 Cloth and provides a faster falling speed. Cement, crafted with 50 Stones, 1 Bone, and 1 Pal Fluids, is important to build improved structures like the Production Assembly Line and Improved Furnace. It’s also one of the materials to make Ultra and Legendary Spheres. You can craft Cement after reaching level 19 at the High Quality Workbench.

While you can get medical stuff from looting chests, keeping some Bones around is crucial so you can heal your Pals.

Which Pals drop Bones in Palworld?

Here’s a full list of every Pal that can drop Bones in Palworld, ordered by Paldeck ID:

  • #14 Vixy (Neutral)
  • #20 Rushoar (Ground)
  • #44 Cawgnito (Dark)
  • #46 Loupmoon (Dark)
  • #49 Gorirat (Neutral)
  • #66 Maraith (Dark)
  • #71 Vanwyrm (Fire/Dark)
  • #71B Vanwyrm Cryst (Ice/Dark)
  • #72 Bushi (Fire)
  • #77 Verdash (Grass)
  • #100 Anubis (Ground)

To check if a Pal can drop Bones, go to the Paldeck (fourth tab), click on a Pal, and then check the Possible Drops section. Use their types to your advantage when you face them. Furthermore, it might not be advantageous to kill the other Pals that don’t drop bones, so be sure to know whether they do or do not drop the items.

Farm Bones in Palworld with our 3 methods

If you are looking to farm bones quickly, then take a look at our 3 farming methods.

1. Kill or Capture Specific Pals

Each Pal that drops Bones on death has its own habitat. In other words, to get Bones from the above Pals, you must know their spawning location.

To check a Pal’s habitat, open the Paldeck again, click on a Pal, then click the Habitat tab on the top. You’ll see a lot of orange circles (or light blue circles if you switch to Night) on the map, indicating the habitat of the inspected Pal.

Vixy and Rushoar are the best sources to get Bones due to their low levels, so we included their habitat below so you can start your bone-farming journey right away. Keep a Vixy with you though since they have a passive ability to dig up items at a Ranch. Here are the best passive skills in Palworld that Pals can randomly possess.

A screenshot of a map showing the location of the Pal called Vixy in Palworld
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Bone Farm Location #1 – Vixy

In the above image, Vixy’s habitat is highlighted with circles. Vixy spawns regardless of the time of the day, so you should be able to farm Bones anytime you like. This is to the southeast of the main spawn area.

A screenshot of a map in palworld showing the location of rushoar
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Bone Farm Location #2 – Rushoar

Rushoar has a larger habitat. However, they share some lands with Vixy so you can farm both of them by going to the center of the map. Rushoar is in the same general location as Vixy, so when you head southeast to find them, you’ll run into Rushoar.

Pick off low-level Pals that drop bones to get them quickly

Since both weak and strong Pals have a chance of dropping this resource, you can focus on the weaker ones to get bones quickly in Palworld.

A map illustrating the location starter merchant in palworld
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2. Buy Bones From Merchants

Besides killing Pals, you can also visit the Merchant in The Small Settlement and purchase Bones for 100 Gold. There is a Great Eagle Statue near the Settlement so you can easily fast travel here once you’ve unlocked that. It is otherwise a pretty good hike to get there.

Remember that there are many Merchants in Palworld, but the location we provided above is the closest to the beginning zone.

Capture merchants for more items

Mechants in Palworld can be captured. Capturing a merchant in Palworld allows you to release them at your camp and use them as a permanent merchant. This will prevent you from needing to travel to reach a merchant. You can also respawn their inventory by placing them back in the Palbox and bringing them back out.

3. Butcher Specific Pals

Butchering a Pal also gives you the materials it drops on death or being captured. So, to get a maximum amount of Bones from a Pal, you should capture it first. Then release it by pressing the E key.

Next, craft the Meat Cleaver, equip it, then press 4 and select the Butcher option. After a short animation, you’ll get Bones along with other materials from the butchered Pal.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Bones in Palworld. For more, read our guides covering tips and tricks for beginners, fastest mounts in Palworld and how to level up fast.

Bone Farming in Palworld – FAQ

Which Pals are best for farming bones?

Vixy and Rushoar are the best Pals to target for farming bones, since they are low level Pals and easy to find.

How to get bones from Pals in Palworld?

Use the Meat Cleaver to get bones from your Pals.