Is Palworld multiplayer? How to play Palworld with friends

Is Palworld multiplayer? How to play Palworld with friends
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Need to know if Palworld is multiplayer? Are you curious how to play Palworld with friends? Palworld lets you dive into a rich world filled with Pals – cute creatures with tons of abilities. Craft and survive your way through the game with the help of your Pals. But, you might find that sacrificing your Pals is the easiest way to victory.

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Playing with friends is a key feature in many games. So can you play with friends in Palworld? Is Palworld multiplayer? If so, how do you play with friends?

Does Palworld have multiplayer?

Yes, Palworld has online multiplayer. You are able to play co-op with friends. You can also join servers both rented by others and ones created by the developers.

Co-op will be available through online multiplayer, where up to four players are able to join together to play. Dedicated servers can allow up to 32 players to play together. Here’s how to set up a dedicated server:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Search Palworld and ensure “Tools” is checked.
  3. Choose Dedicated Server option. A command box should open.
  4. Share the IP address with friends you want to join the game. Please do this only with players you trust.
  5. Enjoy playing the hit game with all your pals, both real life and fictional!

Please keep in mind that the dedicated server is a Steam-exclusive feature. The Xbox version of the game does not support this. On that console, the multiplayer is restricted to four-player co-op. This is due to Xbox’s rules, something that reportedly upset Pocket Pair and that they’re trying actively to work through.

Future updates for the game are expected to increase the multiplayer and allow for more players to join together in a server at once. It’s unknown what the server size will increase to, though. More information is expected to be released in the future, and we’ll update this article once more is known.

Unknown time frame

It’s currently unknown when the server size will be increased to allow more players in a single server. However, it’s expected to occur before the full release of the game.

Does Palworld have PvP multiplayer?

Multiplayer abilities in Palworld
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No. Palworld does not have PvP multiplayer at this time but will in a future update. PocketPair stated in a post on the official X Page for Palworld that PvP will be added in the future but did not give an exact date. For now, there is no current timeframe for when the update will be released.

How to play with friends in Palworld

If you want to play with friends in Palworld, follow these steps to host an online game:

  1. Launch Palworld
  2. Select the Start Game option
  3. Create a new world
    • You can also choose an existing world and choose the change world settings option at the bottom of the screen
  4. Turn multiplayer on
  5. Launch the world
  6. Go to the options menu by bringing up your inventory and going to the options section
  7. Send the invite code to your friends
A screenshot of the multiplayer functionality of Palworld, a video game menu.
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Follow the steps below to join a friend’s multiplayer session:

  1. Launch Palworld
  2. Select the multiplayer option with invite
  3. Input your friend’s invite code
  4. Join the game

After following these steps, you will be able to join your friend’s world. You also won’t need the code each time you join as that is only for the first time. If you are looking to create a private server, you can have up to 32 players in a single server but that is if you have an active online server. Multiple websites allow you to rent servers for Palworld to play online with your friends in always online game modes.

That is everything you need to know about Palworld multiplayer. Be sure to also check out how to make a Palworld dedicated server. You can also check out the best custom settings for Palworld.

Palworld multiplayer FAQs

Does Palworld have co-op multiplayer?

Yes, Palworld has an online multiplayer co-op, letting you and three friends join up to work together. Dedicated servers can allow up to 32 players, and this is expected to increase in the future.

Does Palworld have PvP multiplayer?

Palworld will have PvP multiplayer in the future, but it will not be in the early access release until a future update. It’s unknown when this update will happen that will allow players to battle Pals.