How to get a Statue of Power in Palworld – How to build and use key item

How to get a Statue of Power in Palworld – How to build and use key item
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The Palworld Statue of Power is a useful tool to improve not just your ability to catch Pals, but also the combat and work stats of the Pals you catch and release to help out in your base. Building a Statue of Power is also one of the early objectives to upgrade the Palbox at your base, so very much a rite of passage for those kickstarting their critter-catching adventure.

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A screenshot of a screen displaying various items in Palworld, including a Statue of Power.
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How to build a Statue of Power

Before you can build a Statue of Power, you’ll need to level up your character to level 6. Catching Pals, building, crafting, and gathering resources all contribute to your experience, so it shouldn’t take long, especially on lower difficulty settings where the XP modifier is set much higher.

Once you’re level 6, open the inventory and head to the Technology tab. Scroll down to the level 6 row, select the Statue of Power icon and tap it then confirm to unlock the Statue of Power crafting recipe using 1 Technology Point.

Palworld Statue of Power: Statue of Power in the Build Menu.
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Open up the Build Menu by tapping B and navigate to the Pal tab along the top to bring up the Statue of Power in the dial below. Click on statue then lay it down where you want in your base. To construct a Statue of Power in Palworld, you’ll need access recipe for the Statue of Power recipe, which is fortunately not terribly difficult and is available at Technology Level 6. It needs the following ingredients:

  • x20 Stone
  • x10 Paldium Fragment

Stone spawns everywhere so won’t be hard to find. Paldium Fragment is obtained from mining (with your pickaxe) the small blue and black rock clusters scattered around the map. You’ll also find individual Paldium Fragment you can pick up around the map.

If you’d rather not or are unable to build your own, then you may consider looking for the one that already spawns. The free Statue of Power can be found near:

  • Desolate Church
  • Sea Breeze Archipelago Church
  • March Island Church
  • Forgotten Island Church

Since those are not all an easy fast travel in this huge open world, it’s best if you eventually build your own in your own base. It’s one of the many strategic decisions you’ll have to make as you play the multiplayer modes or single player modes.

How do you use a Statue of Power?

The Palworld Statue of Power allows you to enhance your stats (Capture power) as well as those of your Pals – health, defence, attack, work speed, etc. To improve your stats, you’ll need to bring Lifmunk Effigies to the Statue of Power. These are green glowing fox-shaped statues found around the archipelago. As for upgrading Pal stats, this requires Pal Souls, which you get from killing and capturing Pals of all kinds.

That covers the Statue of Power in Palworld, which PocketPair has on Xbox platforms and Steam. For more, check out our other guides, including where to find Wheat Seeds and Wheat to make bread, how to craft, How to care for Pals in Palworld, how similar the survival game is to Pokemon, and the best mining Pals for stone and ore.