How to get stone in Palworld – Fast stone farming methods

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Need to know how to get and farm Stone in Palworld? This bountiful resource is one of the most important materials you’ll need when exploring Palpagos Island (for weapons and other items), and luckily there are plenty of ways to get it.

In order to survive in Palworld, you’re going to need to craft tons of items. Whether this is something as simple as Pal Spheres to catch new Pals with, or entire bases, nearly all of them are going to need Stone. Make sure you know how to get and farm Wood as well, which is another necessary material. Stone will be needed for tons of crafts, so if any gamers need help getting and farming it, we’re here to show you how.

How to get Stone in Palworld

There are three different methods for obtaining Stone in Palworld:

  • Mine it from rocks or ore deposit
  • Pick up small rocks on the ground
  • Build a Stone Pit

While starting out you will want to pick up small rocks and mine large rocks to get Stone, as you progress further in the game, building a Palworld Stone Pit is the best way to get more Stone. Right now, no Pals have stone as a potential material drop. They drop more precious items typically.

Mine it from rocks

Any large rock you see can be mined to get Stone, which is used in quite a few recipes. While you are able to use your bare hands for this, you’ll get more by using a pickaxe. There are three types of pickaxes available in Palworld:

  • Stone Pickaxe (5 Wood, 5 Stone)
  • Metal Pickaxe (20 Wood, 15 Stone, 5 Ingots)
  • Refined Metal Pickaxe (40 Wood, 30 Stone, 10 Refined Ingots)

Once you have a pickaxe, or prefer to use your hands, walk up to any large rock and begin to hit it. The better the tool you have, the more Stone you’ll be able to get from each swing.

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There are plenty of major rocks in the vicinity of where you spawn. It’s one of the easiest resources to get in bulk. We found one on a recent playthrough at the coordinates 227, -498. This is not a terribly far walk from where you spawn, so it’s a great way to get started with some stone. Take a look at the Palworld map and see where you are to get to this spot.

Using your bare hands

While this is a great method for getting Stone at the start of the game, you’ll want to quickly build a pickaxe and farm stone this way. You’ll get more Stone per swing with a pickaxe than with your punches.

Pick up small rocks on the ground

While exploring, you’ll come across plenty of small stones and rocks lying on the ground. By picking them up, you’ll get more Stone in your inventory. This first way is the best method if you’re just beginning your playthrough, and you’ll be able to quickly gather up Stone using this method. PocketPair tried to make sure it was easy enough to get enough to start out with.

Build a Palworld Stone Pit

A player in Palworld builds a Stone Pit on their base.
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Once you’re level 7, you can unlock the Stone Pit using Technology Points. You will need the following resources to build a Stone Pit, which can be found in the Production Tab:

  • 50 Wood
  • 20 Stone
  • 10 Paldium Fragments

Once you’ve built it (by pressing the build button where you want) on your base, place a Pal with the Mining skill as one of its work suitabilities in it to gather Stone for you autonomously.

Best stone mining Pals

There are many Pals who have the Mining trait, but here are the best Pal miners with the right partner skill:

PalMining Level
AstegonLevel 4
BlazamutLevel 4
DigtoiseLevel 3
AnubisLevel 3
DumudLevel 2
MammorestLevel 2

Since these Pals are higher level, you likely aren’t going to find them in the early game. Some good Pals to put in your Stone Pit if you’re just starting out are Cattiva and Depresso. You can check out the Palworld Paldeck to see all the Pals with Mining suitability to get the valuable item to use on your workbench.

Best way to farm stone in Palworld

By far the best way to get tons of Stone with little work is to build the Stone Pit and keep a Pal in it to farm Stone for you. This lets you gather tons of Stone in your inventory without you having to go and mine for it yourself.

Transportation is required

Remember to also have Pals with a high transportation work suitability to transfer the stone from the stone pit to your storage. for use. We recommend Pals such as Beakon, Mossanda, Gorirat, and Vanwyrm as they all have a higher transporting skill.

Once you’ve hit level 7 and unlocked the Stone Pit, we highly recommend building it and placing a Pal with Mining suitability in it right away.

That’s everything you need to know about getting and farming Stone in Palworld. Be sure to check out how to level up fast and farm XP to unlock the Stone Pit quicker, and how to care for Pals if your companions are getting sick. Plus, check out how to get gunpowder.

Palworld Stone farming FAQs

Where can you find Stone in Palworld?

Stone can be mined from large rocks, picked up off the ground by collecting rocks, and mined using a Stone Pit.

What’s the best way to get more Stone?

Once you’re level 7, build a Stone Pit on your base and place a Pal in it to mine stones for you autonomously.

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