Palworld how to get Fiber – best Fiber farming methods and recipes

Palworld how to get Fiber – best Fiber farming methods and recipes
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Need to know how to get Fiber in Palworld? This material is used early on in the game to make some of the basic but most important items you’ll need to survive on the island of Palpagos.

There are tons of materials you’re going to want to gather while playing Palworld. From Paldium Fragments used to make Pal Spheres, to items as simple as Wood and Stone. Fiber is one of the most simple materials in the game, but it’s used for a variety of items you’ll need. If you need to know how to get and farm Fiber, we’re here to show you how.

How to get Fiber in Palworld

Fiber can be collected while hitting trees with any axe. You need to use a weapon to get Fiber from trees. Any pickaxe will work to get the Fiber from the trees, including:

  • Stone Axe (5 Wood, 5 Stone)
  • Metal Axe (20 Wood, 15 Stone, 5 Ingot)
  • Refined Metal Axe (40 Wood, 30 Stone, 10 Refined Ingot)

Fiber is not guaranteed with each swing of the axe like Wood is, so you’ll need to keep hitting the tree until you get your desired amount of Fiber. Early in the game, this is the best and only method for obtaining Fiber.

A player collects Fiber from trees in Palworld
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Best way to farm for Fiber

Once you get further in the game, you can build the Crusher on your base to farm for tons of Fiber quickly. The Crusher will turn a single piece of Wood into two Fibers. You can unlock this Technology at level 8, and build it with the following materials:

  • 50 Wood
  • 20 Stone
  • 10 Paldium Fragments

Once the Crusher is built, you’ll need to use a Pal with the Watering work suitability to run it for you. A good starter Pal for this is Fuack or Pengullet. From there, you can make tons of Fiber using Wood. Make sure you know how to farm Wood, as well, so you always have stock of it.

The Crusher machine in Palworld
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Watering work suitability

Each Pal has different work suitabilities to make them useful at base. Watering Pals will be able to use their water skill on the Crusher and other machines. Jormuntide is the best Pal for this, having a Watering level of 4.

What is Fiber used for in Palworld?

Fiber is used for a variety of crafts in Palworld, including beds and weapons. Bows, like the Old Bow, Poison Bow, and Three Shot Bow all use Fiber. Grenades also are made using Fiber.

Fiber is also used for beds, including the Shoddy Bed and the Straw Pal Bed. As you continue in the game, you’re also able to use Fiber to make the Fluffy Pal Bed.

Since it’s used in so many crafts and Technologies, it’s best to stock up on the material as soon as you can.

That’s everything you need to know about getting and farming Fiber in Palworld. Be sure to check out how to level up fast if you need help getting more Technology Points, and how to care for Pals if your furry creatures need a pick me up.

Palworld Fiber farming FAQs

How do you get Fiber in Palworld?

Fiber can be collected from trees while hitting them with an axe. It’s not guaranteed from each swing like Wood is, so you’ll have to keep hitting the tree.

What’s the best way to farm for Fiber?

You can build a Crusher on your base and use it to turn a single piece of Wood into two pieces of Fiber.