Is Palworld crossplay and cross platform? – Xbox and PC multiplayer

Is Palworld crossplay and cross platform? – Xbox and PC multiplayer
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Palworld is easily the most popular multiplayer game of 2024 so far. The allure was many people comparing it to Pokémon with guns, but no one expected it to take over the world as it has done in less than a week. It is available on both console and PC, and some people are wondering if there is crossplay and cross platform multiplayer for Palworld between Xbox and Steam. While the current news is unfortunate, Pocket Pair has provided an update that is good for the community.

Again heavily compared to Pokémon, there are over one hundred pocket monster lookalikes to encounter as part of the full Paldeck. You should familiarize yourself with the fastest mounts for both flying and on the ground so you can traverse the open-world as quickly as possible, and you should also replicate this dupe glitch so you can farm infinite resources.

While the game is lots of fun on its own, it’s even better when playing with mates. There is no crossplay between Steam and Xbox yet, but cross platform multiplayer is coming.

Is Palworld crossplay?

Palworld is not crossplay between Steam and Xbox, but there is at least cross platform multiplayer between Xbox and PC. What this means is that Xbox console loyalists can only play with PC users who are getting the game through Game Pass and the Microsoft Store.

There is no cross platform multiplayer support between Steam and Xbox at all. This was confirmed ahead of release in a Q&A on the official pocketpair discord. Although disappointing, the limited crossplay is a good compromise for the time being.

How to play Palworld crossplay multiplayer between Xbox and PC

Follow the below steps to enjoy crossplay and cross platform multiplayer in Palworld between Xbox and PC:

  • Enter a new world with multiplayer enabled
  • Open the menu
  • Proceed to Options
  • Get your Invite Code
  • Send the Invite Code to your friends
  • Get them to enter the code from Join Multiplayer Game in the main menu

Again, this only works between Xbox console users and PC players through Game Pass and the Microsoft store.

Is there cross platform for Palworld?

No, sadly there is no cross platform support between Xbox and Steam for Palworld. You’re not able to take your progression in the game with you if you decide to switch between Xbox and Steam. However, if you have the game through the Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass, as long as you are using that same account between Xbox and PC, you can switch platforms without losing your save data.

If you decide to switch consoles, and decide to switch from Xbox to Steam or vice versa, you won’t be able to access any of your previous saves. You will need to start anew.

When is crossplay coming for Steam and Xbox?

There is no official release date for crossplay and cross platform between Steam and Xbox, but the newly released Palworld roadmap suggests it is coming soon. Pocket Pair is prioritizing bug fixes and stability first and then they will add a host of new features that also include more Pals, bosses, and islands.

Palworld lets you craft and survive your way through an open world filled with Pals, cute creatures with special abilities that can help you survive. The game has been dubbed “Pokémon with guns”, where you can give your Pals guns and other weapons to survive in the harsh open world.

For more about Pocket Pair’s hugely popular survival game, check out our guides for how to catch bosses in seven steps with a cheat, and also check out our tier list for the best weapons to use.

Palworld crossplay and cross platform FAQs

How do you play Palworld crossplay with Xbox and PC?

You can set up crossplay between Xbox and PC players (who are getting the game from the Microsoft store or Game Pass) by sending your friends an Invite Code for a multiplayer-enabled world.

Is there crossplay and cross platform for Xbox and Steam?

No, as of right now there is no official crossplay between Steam and Xbox. If you purchase the game on Steam, you’ll be limited to playing with Steam friends and being on a PC.