How to get Verdash in Palworld – Verdash location, skills, and item drops

How to get Verdash in Palworld – Verdash location, skills, and item drops
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Want to know how to get Verdash in Palworld? A highly sought-after Pal, Verdash has fantastic Work Suitability skills it can bring to any base. In Palworld, your base will either thrive or starve depending on how thought out your Pals working the base are.

With a lot of different skills suitable for different bases, it is a good idea to optimise each base to produce a specific resource you need, rather than trying to get each base to do everything at once. This is where Verdash comes in.

Before we get into Verdash and why it is such a great Pal, make sure you read our guides covering how to get Leather and our picks for the fastest mounts in Palworld. Now, let’s take a look at Verdash in Palworld.

Verdash locations in Palworld

Map showing the location of Verdash in Palworld
Map showing the location of Verdash in Palworld (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Verdash is found in Wildlife Sanctuary No.2, which is the Pal sanctuary located on the far northwest corner of the map. You should be prepared, Verdash and this area are extremely high level, and we would recommend being around level 40 to 45 to take one of these down.

Verdash is a grass-type and can be extremely aggressive, with a bunch of powerful attacks that can do some damage. If you can get it weak enough with a Fire-type Pal, you’ll have bagged yourself a brilliant Pal. While it is also technically not super legal to just traipse into the Wildlife Sanctuary, it’s fairly worthwhile to fly in, grab a Verdash, and make your escape if that’s what you’re after.

If you haven’t found Verdash in the field, you can encounter it as the boss of the Sealed Realm of the Swift dungeon. This is found in the upper middle region of the map.

Palworld – Verdash Skills

Verdash found in the wild in Palworld.
Verdash found in the wild in Palworld. (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Palworld Pals have a bunch of different skills, from skills they have to contribute at a base to passive effects they grant you while you’re using them as your main Pal. In the case of Verdash, the skills you will mostly be interested in are the abilities it has around your base. As a Base Pal, Verdash is the best when it comes to gathering resources. This is the Work Suitability list for Verdash:

  • Level 3 Handiwork
  • Level 3 Gathering
  • Level 2 Planting
  • Level 2 Lumbering
  • Level 2 Transporting

Handiwork lets Pals lend a hand when crafting items or structures on your base, and the higher the level the faster your Pals will perform. The Gathering skill is useful for, well, gathering items. Planting lets Pals work the fields, while Lumbering and Transporting are great for chopping trees and cleaning up any materials you might’ve missed.

Outside of the Base, Verdash’s Partner Skill, Grassland Speedster, increases the player’s movement speed and gives the player’s attacks extra Grass damage when using Verdash in fights for some sweet combos.

When it comes to other active skills, Verdash has a great spread of attacks to hassle your enemies with.

Level 1Wind CutterFires a high-speed blade of wind that flies straight at an enemy.
Level 7Stone CannonDigs up a boulder and hurls it at an enemy.
Level 15Seed Machine GunFires a volley of hard seeds at enemies in front of it.
Level 22Stone BlastFires a barrage of stones forward.
Level 30Grass TornadoGenerates two tornadoes on either side before launching them at an enemy.
Level 40Spine VineGenerates spiny thorns that chase an enemy along the ground, piercing them from below.
Level 50Solar BlastCharges solar energy before blasting enemies with a powerful beam. Definitely not Solar Beam…

Verash item Drops and Materials

Verdash’s possible drops are Bones and Leather. When you capture, kill, or Butcher a Pal, you have a chance of receiving materials from it. Each Pal has a different loot table, but you have a good chance of always getting something from any Pal regardless of what you do to get it. These items are extremely easy to come by, so you won’t need to worry about farming Verdash since you can get these items from plenty of other Pals.

That’s all you need to know about Verdash in Palworld. For more, check out our guides covering how to fix any multiplayer issues in Palworld and how many bases you can have in Palworld.

Palworld Verdash location and skill FAQs

How do I get to Verdash?

You can reach Verdash by travelling to the north-west. There is an island before you reach the Wildlife Sanctuary where you can grab a fast-travel statue.

What is Verdash good for in Palworld?

Verdash is very good at working on your base as a Gatherer. Verdash has high-level skills that help out with Gathering, Handiwork, Planting, Lumbering, and Transporting.