How to get Milk in Palworld – 3 ways to farm milk

How to get Milk in Palworld – 3 ways to farm milk
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Here’s how to get Milk in Palworld. Milk is a consumable item in Palworld that fills up your hunger meter when consumed but also for breeding Pals. When combined with other items for breeding purposes, you’ll certainly need a substantial amount of Milk.

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How to find Milk in Palworld

There are 3 ways to get Milk in Palworld:

  • Capturing or killing Mozzarina
  • Buying Milk from Merchants
  • Butchering the Mozzarina. 

Unlike other common materials, which drop from multiple Pals, you can only get Milk from Mozzarina. This Pal spawns mostly in the center of the map, which can be challenging to reach in the game’s early stage.

Additionally, you can buy Milk directly from the Wandering Merchants around the map or the Merchants in villages and settlements.

✓ Pro Tip

Keep your milk safe

To avoid Pals consuming your Milk, put Milk into another chest instead of the Feed Box.

3 Ways to farm milk

In case you’re wondering which methods are effective in getting Milk in Palworld, here is our list of 3 quick ways to do it:

1. Kill or capture Mozzarina

The simplest way to get Milk is to find, kill, or capture Mozzarina. In Palworld, Mozzarina is common in the middle of the map, specifically around Ravine Entrance fast travel statue. This area, however, is challenging in the early game when your level is low. But as you progress, it’s no longer a problem.

If you have already encountered the Mozzarina in advance, you can check its location by opening the Paldeck, scrolling until no #29, and clicking on the Habitat tab. The orange or light blue circles indicate Mozzarina’s habitat. Mozzarina’s location remains consistent during both daytime and nighttime.

Once you’ve found Mozzarina, you have the option to kill or catch them. Besides Milk, this Pal also drops Mozzarina meat. Moreover, Mozzarina’s partner skill involves producing Milk when assigned to a Ranch. To use this, you can place Mozzarina in your Ranch, and it will start producing Milk.

First, ensure you have the necessary materials to set up a Ranch. Crafting a Ranch requires a level 5 unlock on the tech tree, along with 50 Wood, 20 Stone, and 30 Fiber. Once you’ve crafted the Ranch, assign Mozzarina to it by selecting the Palbox. Move the Mozzarina to the Pal at the base area, and your Mozzarina will walk over to the Ranch and begin grazing. After a day, the Milk will be ready, and you can go and collect it, or let other Pals do the job.

2. Buy milk from merchants

If you don’t want to search for Mozzarina, you buy Milk from Merchants. You can find the Wandering Merchants randomly around the map or in villages and settlements. The Small Settlement, which has a Great Eagle Statue nearby, makes fast travel easy. When you find the merchant, press F to talk to him and look for Milk to buy. It costs 50 gold for 1 unit of Milk.

3. Butcher Mozzarina

Another way to collect Milk from Mozzarina is through butchering, which is a great method for obtaining extra Milk. To use this method, you’ll need to acquire a Meat Cleaver in advance, which can be crafted with 5 Ingots, 20 Wood, and 5 Stone.

Similar to the first method, start by finding and capturing Mozzarina, then place it in your party. Next, equip the Meat Cleaver in one of your weapon slots and switch to it.

After that, activate Mozzarina and hold the 4 button to open the command wheel. Choose Butcher and wait until the pixelated screen ends. The Milk you obtain will be the same as when capturing or killing Mozzarina.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Milk in Palworld. For more, read our guides covering the entire Palworld Paldeck, and how to get Bones.

Palworld Milk Farming FAQ

What Is Milk Used For in Palworld?

Milk is used to make Cake, a required food for breeding Pals. You’ll need 7 Milk, 5 Flour, 8 Red Berries, 8 Eggs, and 2 Honey.

Which Pals Drop Milk in Palworld?

Mozzarina, number 29 in the Paldeck, is the only Pal that drops milk.