How to get Dumud in Palworld – Dumud location and item drops

How to get Dumud in Palworld – Dumud location and item drops
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Want to find the brown seal like Pal and learn how to get Dumud in Palworld? Dumud features in the stacked roster of Pals that inhabit Palworld’s Palapagos Islands and solid pick if you’re after a strong Mining Pal.

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Where does Dumud spawn in Palworld?

Dumud is found on the Ice Wind Island in the northern portion of the Forest biome.

It might take a bit of time to travel all the way from the Plateau of Beginning to Ice Wind Island, but you might find some interesting Pals along the way as well. You’ll probably see Dumud somewhere along the shoreline of Ice Wind Island, so make sure to look around the entire shoreline of the island. If you’re unable to find it, leave and come back later to see if he’s appeared yet.

How To Catch Dumud

There are no special requirements to capture Dumud. Simply lower his health down enough to get a good cature percentage and throw a Pal sphere. If you’re successful, the ring will indicate 100% captured and show Dumud in your inventory. If you fail to capture him, he will be released, and you’ll need to try again.

Dumud is also one of the two Alpha Pal bosses on Ice Wind Island. The boss battle is unlocked at level 14. If you haven’t found Dumud yet, you could try defeating the boss version and then capturing it. However, this will be more difficult compared to simply capturing one out in the wild.

What items does Dumud drop?

Dumud drops High-Quality Pal Oil and Raw Dumud. After you defeat the large land fish, Dumud will drop High-Quality Pal Oil and Raw Dumud for you to pick up. You can pick up these items and keep them for future use.

What are Dumud’s weaknesses?

The best way to capture Dumud is to bring a grass-type Pal along with you. This is because Dumud is a ground-type Pal and is weak to grass. Using a grass-type Pal will increase your chances of defeating Dumud and being able to capture him easily.

Don’t use electric-type Pals since they are weak to ground-type, and you will take unnecessary damage from Dumud. You want to try to lose as little health as possible while fighting him since he’s a pretty easy Pal to capture, only No. 43 in the Paldeck.

Dumud is definitely a very useful Pal early on in the game who will help you mine and dig around. For more information on Dumud and Palworld, check out our Verdash location guide, the best mining Pals, and the best Electricity Generating Pals in Palworld.