Palworld: How to get leather – our 3 methods to farm this resource

Palworld: How to get leather – our 3 methods to farm this resource
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Here’s how to get Leather in Palworld. Leather is used in a bunch of crafting recipes in Palworld, including making new clothes for you and saddles for your Pals.

Saddles let you mount certain Pals and make travelling the world easier, which is a huge improvement to trying to run around everywhere on foot. To this end, farming Leather and getting as much as you can should be a high priority for you.

For more on Palworld, we have guides covering how many bases you can build and where to find Wheat Seeds. Now, this is how to get and farm Leather in Palworld and our recommended farming leather.

Palworld farming leather - leather in the item menu
Leather in your Inventory in Palworld (Image taken by Videogamer)

How to get Leather in Palworld

Leather can only be obtained from Pals or shops. It does not grow in the wild – much like in the real world – nor can you cultivate it in any other way than catching or killing Pals in the wild. With that in mind, you can start your Leather hoarding as soon as you start the game, with several Pals on or near the starting island dropping the resource. Leather can also be purchased from the Wandering Merchants that roam the map for 150 Gold. A good option is the fast travel point at the Small Settlement.

Catch a Pal for a Leather drop, then use the Meat Cleaver for a second drop

Butchering a Pal that can drop Leather will let you get two Leather from the same Pal capture. Use this for Pals you don’t need on your team or base.

The map in Palworld showing where to find Leather
The yellow indicates where to find Foxparks for Leather in Palworld (Image taken by Videogamer)

Best ways to farm Leather in Palworld

Here are the best ways to farm Leather in Palworld:

  • Make your way to the Grassy Behemoth Hills, which is close to where you start the game, northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings. Foxparks can be found in abundance in this area, and you will probably come across a few Melpacas. Bring a strong Pal and a bow to clear them out. Poison arrows could help you take down other Pals that drop Leather.
  • A good, albeit slightly macabre, method for farming Leather in Palworld is to catch a Pal to get the drop reward, and then kill the Pal to get the rewards again since it will drop the materials again when it dies. You can do this as much as you need, and you will have plenty of Leather in no time.
  • Once again, you can also make your way to the Small Settlement and buy Leather from the Wandering Merchant for 150 Gold coins. If you do end up going to the Small Settlement to buy Leather, you might encounter a Rushoar, which is another Pal that can drop Leather.
Palworld leather - Foxpark in the Paldeck
Foxparks in the Paldeck, showing Leather as a dropped item (Image taken by Videogamer)

Which Pals drop leather in Palworld

All Pals have a loot table, and they have a chance to drop specific materials when you catch them and/or kill them. For Leather, it is easier to focus on finding Foxparks or Nitewing, both of which spawn on the starting island. Fuack, Vixy, and Rushroar are good early-game picks as well. While they don’t spawn in huge numbers, they are easily accessible early on. So far, the Pals we’ve encountered that drop Leather are as follows:

Pals that drop Leather
Eikthyrdeer Terra
Incineram Noctis
Mammorest Cryst
Mossanda Lux
Pyrin Noct
The Pals you can get Leather from in Palworld

Some of these Pals can be beaten easily in the start area of the game. As you progress through the levels, you’ll find tougher monsters further afield, but you should be able to deal with most of these at level 15. If you’re struggling to find any Leather, you should turn to your Paldeck. Inside the Paldeck’s Habitat section, you can see every Pal you’ve encountered and which area they spawn in.

You can also see what they drop, like bones, horns, flame organs, and more. Mammorest can be rather difficult to kill, so we recommend seeking out the other options we’ve listed first. Feel free to try your luck against Mammorest, but try not to die.

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Check the Paldeck!

Once you catch or kill a Pal, the Paldeck will be updated with more information, such as showing you what the Pal drops. Use this Paldeck information to hunt down other Pals that drop Leather.

Leather usage in Palworld
Use Leather to craft things for your Pals (Image taken by Videogamer)

What is Leather used for in Palworld

Leather is used to craft helpful gear, such as new armor and saddles. Pal Saddles lets you mount the Pal they’re designed for, giving you access to a mount to ferry you across the land. To make a Saddle, you will need to unlock the ability to craft a Pal Gear Workbench. Here are some important items that need Leather to craft in Palworld:

Craftable ItemRequired Leather
Arsox SaddleLeather x15
Average Feed BagLeather x10
Daedream’s NecklaceLeather x5
Digtoise’s HeadbandLeather x20
Direhowl’s Saddled HarnessLeather x10
Galeclaw’s GlovesLeather x20
Jetragon’s Missile LauncherLeather x100
Cold Resistant Metal ArmorLeather x13
Heat Resistant Refined Metal ArmorLeather x20

Upon reaching Technology level six, you can make a saddle, which will let you mount a specific Pal you create the Saddle for. You can also use Leather to create a Harness, which in the case of Foxparks, lets you pick it up and use it as a flamethrow. Neat.

As you might expect, Leather will be extremely useful to you as you explore the world. Having access to faster travel via mounts is helpful, to say the least, so make sure you’ve ample stores of Leather. Cold and Heat Resistant Armor is great when you need to tackle unfavorable conditions like when mining the best sulfur locations in Palworld.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Leather in Palworld. For more, read our guides covering the entire Palworld Paldeck, and how to get Pal Fluids.

How to get Leather in Palworld FAQs

Can you craft Leather in Palworld?

No. Leather can only be obtained from Pals or by buying them from the Wandering Merchant.

Can you farm Leather at your base?

No. Leather also cannot be manufactured at your base at the time of writing. For now, Leather is obtained only as a drop.